summer activities.

summer activities; aka, Let's Put An End To Boredom.

since the start of summer vacation, we've been making an effort to do at least one fun activity during the week as a family, whether it be hiking, exploring a new place, discovering a great swimming hole (or revisiting a favorite), heading to the park, etc.  keep in mind, these are very spur of the moment trips, the kind where we're like, quick! everybody jump in the van, we're going _________ (fill in the blank.)   

the first week found us enjoying a gorgeous evening at Slide Rock State Park in Sedona.  before heading out, we tossed a watermelon and a few water bottles in the cooler, and grabbed a bunch of dollar burgers from Mickey D's to eat on the way.  yumm-o. 

the kids had an absolute blast.  by 6 o'clock, it had prit near emptied out, leaving us the entire place to ourselves.  personally, I think these impromptu outings are often times the funnest ones.  don't you?         

we struck out with this watermelon :-( Gary had picked up two from Safeway, one was nasty, the other excellent.  is there a secret to choosing a good one?  if so, let me know.
"mom, it's stuck.  it's STUCK, mom!" um yeah, I see that.

what fun activities have you been doing to keep yourself entertained (and out of trouble ;-) this summer?



Selma said...

Love your story about spontaneous family outings. Great pictures...especially love the ones of Rowan and the great cooler struggle!

Anonymous said...

LOL i got a good chuckle out of rowan! What a guy! You should send him up here to keep me entertained! ~jess

jessica said...

by all means, Jess! he's all yours! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Every now and then i have to come back and look at this post :) I still cant get over rowan and the cooler! ~Jess