kids' room re-do: Phase I.

to make room for the new baby, we started rearranging the kids' rooms this week.  with only four bedrooms, it feels like we're continuously shuffling kids around in an attempt to stay at least somewhat organized.  and sane. 

okay, so.  before the switcheroo (hopefully you can picture this in your head), the three "big" girls (Hannah, Chloe, and Myra) were on bunk beds with a pull-out trundle, while the "little" girls (Ella and Phoebe) were on two twin beds.  Scarlett has been rooming with us (in her own crib, of course.)  

with baby Alfred due in a few months, you can probably guess who'll be getting the boot.  that's right, miss Scarlett Jean.  to us, it only made sense to stick her in with the "little" girls, because well, she's little.  so, to make room for Scarlett in the "little" girls' room, basically we just swapped beds; the two twin beds went into the "big" girls' room, and the bunk beds went into the "little" girls' room, where Scarlett will eventually sleep on the trundle bed.  

IF you've managed to follow along, right about now you're probably thinking, "wait a minute.  now you only have TWO beds in the "big" girls room, when really, you need THREE.  how's that going to work?"   um, good question.  that's yet to be determined.  and Hannah if you're reading this, don't worry, we'll find you a spot to sleep before you get home, pinky promise.  sigh.  details, details.

alright.  so that was Phase I.  I know, boring, right?  Phase II will be a lot more fun, as it will most likely involve a trip to IKEA, some online shopping, poking around thrift stores, and generally using my creative side, ie; the decorating part.  I promise I'll post more pictures after Phase II, okay?  

regardless, Ella and Phoebe were over the moon with the swap.  they spent almost the entire afternoon yesterday playing (and fighting) in their room.  these two are quite the pair, I tell you. 

my sister, my friend. (this mini photo shoot was totally impromptu, so don't mind the post-swimming, uncombed hair look. but whatever. that's life, right?)     

have a great weekend!


PS. don't get your undies in a bundle, we're really not naming this kid Alfred.  it just popped into my head at the time, that's all.  so, feel free to use it ;-)


Keilah said...

Whew, thanks for the post script. i really like the name Alfred. Now i just need help feminizing it.

jessica said...

@Keilah- I know, I know! how about Winifred?