a day in the life of a three year-old.

alright.  so whose brilliant idea was it to have me follow around a three year-old for an entire day, anyway?  that was like, pure torture.

oh yeah, that's right.  it was mine, heh.

I'm not sure how (or why) my pea-sized brain comes up with these outlandish ideas, but anyway.  I had it in my head that I wanted to take pictures of Rowan as he went about his day, and by gosh, nothing was gonna stop me.  not even a husband who kept looking at me like I was crazy.  I don't know, I just thought it'd be fun to capture those cute (and not so cute) "everyday" moments.  you know, the ones that years down the road I most likely will forget.  

but holy moly, talk about a workout!  by eight o'clock, Rowan was tucking ME in bed.  seriously.  I mean, who needs Jillian Michaels when you can just tail a three year-old all day long?  OY!

my sweet, little boy is growing up way too fast!

and last but not least, an in-depth conversation Rowan and I recently had:

ME: what's your name?

ROWAN: Rowan.

ME: how old are you now?

ROWAN: RO-wan. (said slowly, and with careful pronunciation because apparently he thinks I'm really dumb.)

ME (holding up three fingers): no, you're three!  remember?


me: yep, you're three.

Rowan: NO, I'm Rowan.




Anonymous said...

Whew! How did you make it through that day? Did you just follow or did you partake in all those activities (I would love to see you fly with a cape around your neck)? Seriously though - what a fun project! Joleen

Sue Hill said...

Cute, cute! I love 3yr olds!

jessica said...

@ Joleen nope, I did not partake in the activities, are you kidding? ;-) following the kid around was exhausting enough! LOL

Crystal Lee Photography said...

LOVE it!