one big happy family.

for the first time in six weeks, all nine ducklings are back home, safely tucked under my wing.


as happy and excited as the kids were to be back together again, it sure didn't take long for the fighting and arguing to begin.  already on the drive home from Phoenix last night there was much "so and so is hogging the whole bench!"  and "tell so and so to quit burping in my face!"  and "mo-mmm, so and so just whacked me in the head for no reason!" going on.  it was like they just picked up where they had left off.  if anything, I guess it's reassuring to know that things are indeed "back to normal" around here.

sigh.  can't we all just get along, people?

anyway, Scarlett wasn't quite sure what to think when she saw Hannah.  if she could talk, I'm almost positive she would've said something like, "chhh.  first you up and ditch me for six weeks, and then you expect me to act as if nothing ever happened?  well think again, sistah."

eventually she warmed up.  but only after giving Hannah several crusty looks.  ha.

think you're gonna to get me to smile?  well, just fuh-get about it.
in other business, this week is shaping up to be a lively one.  dentist appointments, middle school orientation for Jake and Chloe, back-to-school shopping, and a possible cousin swap towards the end of the week will be leaving me a bit pre-occupied.  I have plenty to blog about, but the question is, will I have time to sneak it in?  in other words, don't hold your breath.

happy Monday!


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able mabel said...

oh joy. glad my kids aren't the only ones who fight like cats and dogs.