La Jolla.

it's going on ten o'clock and this place is roaring.  

wait, make that roaring with no sign of winding down in sight.  never mind the fact that these kids will be starting school in a couple days and they should actually be in bed. you know, so they can get used to the idea of waking up at six (are you for real?) instead of like, noon.  but instead of beating a dead horse, I decided I'm just going to let them learn the hard way.  you wanna stay up until midnight, FINE.  see if I care.  just don't come whining to me about how you fell asleep in fourth hour and now the teacher is making you write a five page essay on the importance of getting a full night's sleep.  GO TEACHER!

any which way, I'm looking forward to establishing a routine again.  ah, routine.   such a lovely thing, isn't it?  maybe I'll actually be able to breathe again, what a concept!  uh wait, I take that back.  I won't be able to breathe for at least another six weeks, drat.  yeah, apparently little Alfie decided that I no longer need to use my lungs at full capcity, and therefore has permanently settled his rear end into them.  gasp, thanks a lot kid, wheeze.

and now, back to our California trip.

we spent one afternoon strolling around La Jolla (pronounced la hoy-ya.)  very beautiful.           

above: everyone minus Scarlett, although that wasn't intentional.  with such a brood, it's hard to tell if someone is missing or not.  meaning a crowd is a crowd.  actually, what I meant to say is that I always know where everyone is at all times.  period. 

the kids had fun watching the seals and laughed every time one barked.  I'm feeling a bit like this momma right about now.  like, don't bother me for the next six weeks, you hear?
we scouted around a few tide pools, but the only things we saw were a bunch of my relatives; aka, crabs.  kidding, guys.
Gary and I kicked back in the grass and people watched, while the older kids played frisbee and the younger ones burned off some energy.
because blogger is being its usual annoying self, I'm signing off.

but, stay tuned.  more pictures coming soon to a computer screen near you.



Martha said...

Beautiful Scenery! I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! Since you waited so long to inform us of your pregnancy...it's flown by! Only 6 weeks?? I probably will call your baby boy "Alfie" when I see him...that name just might stick since that's what we have heard for these past few months!:) Do you have a name or are you going to need the help of all of us again...like Scarlet...which by the way, you didn't use any of my nice suggestions! Lol!

Briita said...

bout time you got yourself a little belly w/only 6 weeks to go! the seals are fun to watch but oh so stinky!