we're still digging sand out of the kids' ears.

we spent one whole day at the beach, and would you believe, this was the FIRST TIME EVER in my entire history of California beach-going that I wasn't huddled beneath 37 towels/blankets/sweatshirts to keep from shivering to death and chattering my poor teeth to smithereens.          

yep.  in fact, it was rather HOT.  even so, I still didn't dare venture in past my ankles.  to be honest, I never even donned my suit.  I know, I'm a wimp when it comes to submerging myself into water that's less than 80 degrees.  so basically, that leaves me to do laps in the bathtub, what can I say?

the kids had a ball anyway.  they jumped and splashed in the waves, boogie-boarded, buried themselves in the sand, built sand castles, you name it.  when the kiddos got hungry, we set up our portable folding table and grill in the parking lot, and cooked up hamburgers and beans for dinner.

we stayed until the last light of the sun disappeared below the horizon.

ah, such fun memories.

are you guys sick of California pictures yet?  well, hang in there.  just one more post after this and I'll be done.  promise.



Pete and Becky said...

Jessica, I loved looking through your California pictures. You have a darling family!

Anonymous said...

oooh this makes me want to go there!! great pictures, as always!