I'm running out of weekends.

for those of you who have ever been Great With Child, then you know what I'm talking about.

I believe it's called nesting?  or something like that.  anyway, it has to do with creating a secure, comfortable place for the new one that's about to enter this world.  in other words, the sudden urge to tackle 87 projects at the same time.  and let me tell you.  when it finally strikes, there ain't nothin' that's gonna stop an eight-month gestational woman from eliminating those vicious dust bunnies once and for all.

not even a precarious situation like this one.

that would be me rooting around in the attic for hidden treasures in my quest to re-decorate.  I did unearth a few long-lost decorations.
suffice it to say, I think I've finally succumbed to The Nesting Disease.  because like I said, time is running out.

seriously.  a week ago I could barely peel myself off the couch I was THAT tired.  and then just the other day, and without any warning, my internal clock suddenly piped up.

"you hoo," it taunted me.  "hey you, big momma!"

like, wha...?  "you talkin' to me?"  I quickly glance around, but there are no other "big mommas" in sight.  shoot.

"yes, I'm talkin' to you, you nit wit.  now listen up.  you have approximately one month to get this place in tip top shape before that baby arrives.  I suggest you ditch the potato chips, get off that fluffy hind end of yours and mooo-ve it.  you hear?"

talk about a wake-up call.  almost instantly, I was hit with a gigantic burst of energy that has since left me scouring cupboards, organizing closets, wrestling dust bunnies out of corners, re-decorating rooms, making daily trips to Goodwill, and most importantly, alphabetizing spices.

you all know I'm dead serious, right?

okay.  so I'm really not into alphabetizing spices, shame on me.  but hey.  I did tackle the garage on Saturday, AND made a run to Goodwill to drop a few things off.  so it's not all a bunch of hogwash.

and because I can't just dump stuff off at Goodwill without going inside, I ended up bringing home a couple more treasures.  it's a vicious cycle, isn't it?  get rid of junk, buy more junk, get rid of junk, buy more junk.  and on and on.

but check it.  I scored this cool metal cart on wheels and a vintage school desk, $15 for both.

I've been wanting to redecorate my bedroom and I'm thinking the metal cart would make an awesome night stand.  especially with a coat of bright yellow paint.  we've had this white, shutter-style Pottery Barn headboard for years that I'm rather tired of.  but what if I painted it a yummy shade of turquoise to go along with the yellow table?  add in a few pops of red and voila! from drab to fab!  

or should I leave the headboard white and paint the metal cart turquoise?  hmm, decisions, decisions.            

as for the desk, should I leave it as is?  or should I repaint it?  I need to attack the desktop with goo gone and clean up the base with steel wool.  after that, I'm not sure.  any ideas?  if anything, I figured it would make for a great photo prop.  

looks like Rowan's already diggin' it!

happy Monday!



Brenda K said...

Eek you should probably get down off that ladder! :) Although, yeah I'd pry be doing the same... I was painting walls the other day and have a couple really high walls in the stairway and I told hubby when he got home I almost finished but decided I'd quit when the ladder slipped out on me when doing the high walls- he wasn't so impressed :) Good luck with that nesting disease, I always look forward to that stage! Oh, and the treasures are great... I'd say do the metal cart in teal!

able mabel said...

Wish you'd get a belly already...

Aunty Dee said...

That old metal table is a typewriter table. Like Ryan said one day--What's a typewriter? I think you may remember them. I had a table like that years ago that i bought from a garage sale along with an old standard typewriter. sold it long, long time ago. this is age speaking. speaking of age--listen to your aunty dee and never do that again (up on a table on a ladder). scared me just looking at the picture. scares me to go up to the top of a ladder when i have to. the baby is not going to care what the house looks like--trust me in this. love you and don't want you hurt. listen to your elders young woman!!

Anonymous said...

Bummer - I'm immune to nesting disease. Could sure use it Donna

Selma said...

Listen to Aunty Dee about your ladder set up. Almost made me hunt down your number and give you a piece of my mind....but I need all my pieces as there aren't many. No seriously that freaked this old person out....