checking in.

did you all have a productive Labor Day weekend?  we sure did.  except for on Sunday, I don't think I sat down once.  which means that on Saturday and Monday, I never even went to the bathroom!  dude.  those adult diapers sure come in handy.

okay, I kid.  but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about using one [a diaper] lately, because you know what?  I'm getting really tired of racing to the bathroom every half-hour.  sometimes, wouldn't it be nice to pee on the run?  I mean, just think!  we wouldn't even have to take a break from playing Lego's, right Rowan? (although Rowan, if you EVER do decide to potty-train, I promise I won't complain.  just sayin'.)

I wonder who'd be willing to change me, though?  hmmm, I'll get back to you on that when (or if) I come across a volunteer.        

no really, with all the nesting I've been doing lately, things have been a-happening.  in fact, I was just at the doctor this morning and guess what?  besides arriving at the RIGHT time, I was labeled as "progressing," oooh, ahhh.  so hopefully, HOPEFULLY! I'll be able to evict this kid in say, two weeks, instead of three.  yeesh, with nine months of free rent, you'd think Alfie would show a little more respect towards his living quarters.  but no, instead he's been kicking the walls in.  maybe he's had it with the leaky plumbing as well?

let's see, what else.  we had a bunch of giggling girls over on Saturday.  somehow they sweet-talked me into picking up supplies so they could paint t-shirts.  meaning I had to go to Walmart on one of the busiest weekends of the year.  meaning I had to fight my way through mobs of toothless people, something I really detest.  meaning I had to wait in line for 20 minutes because out of the 20+ checkout lanes, there were only THREE open.  meaning I did a lot of cursing under my breath.

oh well, it was worth it.  not the cursing part, but rather watching the girls have fun, even though they spent a good hour agonizing over the designs of their t-shirts.  typical females, always indecisive.

"a true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart."
as you can see, they got quite creative with their doodling.  FYI- my girls use these shirts for pajamas and for lounging around home in so really, any size goes-- including 3XL.  the comfier, the better.  I lost count of how many tie-dye and puffy paint shirts they have, but I guess as long as they use them, whatever.

aaand... last but not least, we're getting our carpet shampooed tomorrow which means I'll be checking off the last BIG thing I wanted to get done before baby!  I'm getting excited to meet this little cherub!    



Briita said...

poison ivy around here:( (from oak creek) first outbreak from one who has previously had which they will then break out right away. Others...can take up to 2 weeks before they break out! Lets hope this doesn't get added to your "to do" list!

jen said...

Oh, what fun for the girls! You are such a nice mom to race out and get the supplies for them. Looks like it was well worth the effort on your part.