I'm sitting here this morning sipping my coffee and staring at my (freshly cleaned) carpet.  ah, life is good.

what do you mean you don't stare at your carpet.  hmph.  weirdos, all of you.  in fact, I recently read somewhere that it's the latest and greatest sport... for women in their last month of pregnancy, that is.  hee.

my next task: to train my kids not to walk on said carpet.  I know, I must just like to hear the sound of my own voice.

anyway.  also over the weekend, Phoebe turned five.

so, my original plan was to let her invite a few friends over to help celebrate, because well, she's FIVE!  and five year-olds are just so stinkin' cute!  but, due to the amount of contractions I seem to get whenever the decibels reach alarmingly high levels, I quickly changed my mind and opted to go with the low-key, family-style birthday party instead of the noisy, giggly, high-energy friend kind.

I know, such a bad mother.  and I felt terrible for copping out on her at the last minute like that.  but then Phoebe, bless her heart, sweetly tells me, "mom, that's okay if I can't have friends over this time."  I was about to reach down and give her a giant hug for being such a cute AND understanding five year-old when she quickly added, "but you BETTER not be big and pregnant when I turn six!"  and then she crossed her arms, spun on her heels and promptly stormed off.

enter: mom guilt.  and weeping over the thought of being big and pregnant on her sixth birthday.  please, NOOO!

as for kindergarten, so far she's been loving it.  the first couple weeks were a little rough, and a couple times she threatened to quit.  "I don't want to go to school!  I hate it!" she told me.  (I have a hunch that it wasn't necessarily the "school" part she hated, but rather the "having to wake up at 7 a.m." part.  she's most definitely her mother's daughter... cranky if she doesn't get her beauty rest.)  but after informing her that she was indeed "more than welcome to stay home with me, Rowan and Scarlett ALL DAY LONG," she hasn't uttered a single word about quitting since.  phew.

from a photo shoot I recently did for 1crown3tiaras Boutique (Lori just added some new items to her fall line, so head on over and check it out!  oh, and be prepared to drool all over your keyboard!)

happy birthday Phoebe!  you're so cute!




Ruth said...

Agree 100%! She is SO cute. Whitney & I enjoyed the pics!! Happy birthday Phoe-bo-lee!

able mabel said...

I stare at my carpet and moan about how dirty it is.

Happy Birthday Phoebe!

pakosta said...

she sure is CUTE!!!
Love her name also!
cute cute cute photos!