Finley's baptism.

just so you know, this is like the tenth time I've tried to sit down and type up this blog post.  it seems like every time I turn around, someone else has pooped their pants.  you guys, I'm drowning in a sea of poop.  poop, poop, poop.  POOP!  POOOOOOOP!

amazing how simply venting about something can make you feel so much better.

anyway, we had Finley baptized a week ago Sunday at my in-laws vacation rental in Prescott.  thank goodness my mother-in-law had already agreed to take care of the food, especially after Jake ended up breaking his collarbone on Saturday.  no way would I have been able to manage all that (food + wounded child + new baby) and still have my wits about me.  I already have one foot in the looney bin.  the last thing I need is for the other one to follow suit, although wouldn't that make life interesting?  no, I need to focus on preserving what little sanity I have left, thank you very much.

fortunately, my only responsibility was to make sure everyone left the house with their hair at least combed.  AND, with a pair of matching shoes.  yeah.  I recently had to add that to my list of Things To Double Check Before We Leave The House after someone (I won't mention any names but it begins with an 'S' and ends with 'A-W-Y-E-R') snuck out of the house wearing a flip flop on one foot and a Keen sandal on the other.  "because those were the only shoes I could find," he claimed.  which was probably true, but still.  I don't care if it's "just" Walmart, you don't go out in public with two different shoes on, EVER.  or people will wonder which zoo you escap... oh never mind.  just trust me on this one, kid.      

anyway, what counts is that we all arrived in one piece and Finley was baptized.  he even slept through the entire ceremony, which is always a plus.  now if he sleeps through his entire wedding ceremony, I'll definitely be a bit more concerned.

Gary: does this thing come with an owner's manual? 
sweet baby Finley.
all twelve of us.  and SURPRISE!  Rowan is the only one who's not looking.
from left to right: parents, sponsors: Keith & Briita and Dean & Keilah, grandparents .

so that's that.

and one more time for good measure: POOP!


PS. coming up later this week: a super fun giveaway involving Christmas cards!  so, if you haven't yet ordered yours, stay tuned!  for once in your life, you'll be glad that you actually procrastinated :-)  


Becca said...

Such nice family photos. Myra's haircut looks cute on her !!

Anonymous said...

hi! beautiful pics, nice to see ken and edna in there, too! you had me laughing today just because of this circumstance: i referred a new friend (fashionista with 5 kids..i think she'll relate) to your site....and today's post opens and closes with a bang! tell it like it is! :) Leanne

Linda said...

Love it! HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

wow-myra is a little jessica!!