I have ten kids.

this has been my excuse for everything lately.  for example:

how did I manage to completely forget about Sawyer, Ella and Phoebe's conferences on Monday?  I have ten kids.

why is there gum on the carpet?  I have ten kids.

how come there's never any food in this house?  I have ten kids.

why can't I fit into these jeans?  I have ten kids.

why is there a half-eaten piece of toast in the hall closet?  I have ten kids.

why are you sighing and holding your head like that?  I have ten kids.

we're having frozen waffles for dinner AGAIN?  I have ten kids.  

why is the ice cream in the refrigerator?  I have ten kids.

why do you keep calling me RowanFinleyJakeWhateverYourNameIs?  I have ten kids.

isn't that like your fiftieth cup of coffee today?  I have ten kids.

it's four o'clock in the afternoon why are you still in your pajamas?  I have ten kids.

why have I not blogged in nearly a week?  


to those of you who have been anxiously awaiting pictures from Gary's party, I apologize.  I will post them as soon as I have a chance.  in the meantime, here is a glimpse from last weekend, courtesy of my phone.  by the way, we had a grand time.  and the party was all sorts of nerdy and awesome.

(yes, that would be my hubby shooting hoops in a wheelchair.  he is almost forty, you know.)    

not what was I supposed to bring tomorrow?  my ten kids? 

wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

*gobble gobble*



Anonymous said...

okay i really did laugh out loud at this post! seriously, awesome! fun pictures, and can't wait to see more!

1crown3tiaras said...

LOL. Thanks for the great laugh! Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

Crystal Lee Photography said...

Love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Gary and your TEN kids!