two months.

(photos taken at Gary's nerd party last Sunday.)

like father, like son.
at two months old, Finley continues to entertain us with his goofy grins and funny faces, those of which he obviously learned/inherited from his ahem, nerdy father.  (yeah, yeah. go right ahead and accuse me of being a contributing factor as well, I'm not listening la la la.) 

as far as the nighttime scene goes, he seems to have finally settled into a routine, waking around four in the morning and then again between seven and eight.  I'm still a far cry from feeling "rested" (not sure if I'll ever be?), but at least it's a start.  the good news: instead of gushing gibberish, I'm now talking in complete sentences!  wahoo!  the bad news: the kids still go to Gary when they need help with their homework.  apparently I'm smart, but not THAT smart.  yet. 

at his two month check-up last week, Finley weighed a whopping 12.5 pounds and measured 23.5 inches long.  our little guy is growing fast!  in fact, I don't think he's missed a meal yet! ;-)    

and last but not least, we continue to marvel at how this tiny human being, in just two short months, has already brought so much joy to our family.  we couldn't imagine life without him.

dear Finley, you are so loved.  more than you'll ever know.



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