our thankful tree.

after seeing different renditions of the "thankful tree" in magazines and on various websites, I decided it would be fun to make one ourselves, as a prelude to Thanksgiving. the idea is to jot down things you are thankful for on the "leaves" and attach them to the branches.  by the time Thanksgiving arrives, the tree will be bursting with all the things you are thankful for, like for example, FOOD.  right, Phoebe?

because we're celebrating Thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa's place in Prescott this year, I brought all the supplies with me when we went last weekend.  as well as providing entertainment for the kids, I figured it could also double as a centerpiece for the table.  you don't have to tell me how clever I am, I already know.  *grin*

I had Gary cut a few branches from the backyard and then arranged them in a simple glass vase, although any type of glass container would work-- I just happened to have this vase on hand.  for the "leaves" we cut circles out of scrapbook paper with a circle punch and then attached them to the branches with colorful yarn (strips of fabric would be cute, too.)  again, instead of circles you could also cut out actual leaf shapes.  unfortunately, I'm not that talented with scissors so my leaves would probably end up resembling crude bananas.  but hey, then we could just pretend we lived in Hawaii.  banana tree, get it?  ha ha.

our thankful tree is beginning to blossom!
have fun and be creative.

but most importantly, be thankful.



Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Super cute! Um, does Pheebs want a cat, or have a cat? LOL.

Dan and Rita said...

so cute! and much to be thankful for!!

Anonymous said...

ooh i like it!