it's all about the food, I tell you.

while on our way to Prescott last Friday, we passed by the cemetery where my paternal grandparents are buried.  I pointed it out to the kids.

"see that hill over there?"

"yeah, so.  who cares?" (it's a KID thing, don't ask.)

"well, on the other side of that hill is the cemetery where your GREAT grandparents are buried."

"oh.  so that means they're dead?"

"um, yeah.  I guess it would."

thus commenced a zillion and one questions about death and dying (mostly from the littler ones.)

what happens to your body after you die?  does it shrivel up like a prune?  once you're buried in the ground do the worms and spiders eat your guts?  because that's what Jimmy told me at school, and he knows everything.  what about your cells and stuff?  do those die too?  do your eyeballs sink into your skull?  shut uuup, that is like so disgusting.   

Phoebe, who had been rather quiet up until this point, finally pipes up, "so does everybody die?"  

before I could answer, Hannah tells her, "yep.  even mom and dad will die someday."

"oh, really? " she says, her eyes suddenly lighting up.  "so after they die, then we can eat whatever we want, right?!"

see?  told you.  all they care about is The Food.  

after that, nothing else matters ;-)



pakosta said...

those pictures are GREAT!
and that's so funny!!!

Briita said...

the smiling girl! always sporting the cutest grins:)

Joni said...

Oh, that's so funny!! Kids are so great!

Ruth said...

Cute! We miss Phee-bo-lee!!

Anonymous said...

I remember waiting for the day that I could buy all the pop I wanted. Leave it to Phoebe. Someday she'll wish like I do that I had those parents back again!!

Anonymous said...

lol!! i love it!

Paula Hillukka said...

Too funny! Love it!

Dan and Rita said...

that's great!!