this is supposedly autumn?

I tried to write up a post earlier today, but all I had were three words: "autumn is weird."  fascinating!  tell me more, Ms. Kesti!

I used to like autumn.  I have no idea what I was ever thinking.  this time of year is terrible and also!  it will continue to be terrible until April!  the light is waning!  the cold is coming!  the snows will envelop us all!

for instance, LOOK.  look what we woke up to on Saturday morning THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER.  how dare you, mother nature.   

on the other hand, the snow has kept the kids out of my hair entertained and that's nice. 


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janet g said...

And to think that I am considering moving there...but with snow already...well I don't know.

Briita said...

kids were pumped with the 2 hour delay this morn...bigs took advantage of getting more shut eye, middles ran out to play in the snow and I got to sleep in an extra half hour! Makes it feel like the holiday season is upon us:)

Anonymous said...

And here we are anxiously waiting for snow to get more light for the days! Funny thing:) Ansku

Unknown said...

Do not feel alone. WE have alot of snow on the ground. But the kids have been outside non stop. I do feel thrilled about that.