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everything I said about the weather being terrible this time of year and whatnot, well, I take it back.  at least part of it anyway.  I will admit that the snow is indeed quite pretty, especially when the sunlight flitters across it making everything appear all sparkly and bright, as if someone took a bunch of glitter and sprinkled it all over the place.  that part I don't mind.  I can deal with the snow because as I mentioned before, it's cheap entertainment for the kids.

the part I do mind is the c-c-cold that comes along with the snow, although at least the c-c-cold here is, for the most part, tolerable.  unlike the place where I used to live, what's it called again?

that's right.  Minnesota.  also known as the land of two seasons: winter is coming and winter is here.  which reminds me, have you jump started your kid today?  sorry, I couldn't resist.    

anyway,  I'm guessing that at some point in your lifeyou've probably heard the phrase "it's a dry heat," am I right?  well, here in Flagstaff we use a similar phrase to describe the cold, something that I just now (like right this second!) made up.  we like to say, and I promise you're going to love this one, "it's a warm cold."  talk about creative, hey?  

so what's a warm cold?  well, it's where the temperature actually feels ten degrees warmer than it really is.  and I swear I'm not making this up, nor am I just saying that to get you guys to move here, either.  it's a true fact.  no, really, it is.  if I could explain it, I would.  something about being at a higher elevation and so the heat from the sun is more intense, blah blah blah.

all this to say that I should be more appreciative of the weather.  wow.

you know, suddenly I'm really (like VERY) thankful that I just had a baby.  because in case these posts don't make any sense, at least I can blame my screwiness on this postpartum business.  otherwise, you'd probably question me about having my head examined.  although I'm pretty sure all they'd find in there is a few pennies and some skittles anyway.


a few random pictures:

looks like Finley's ready to bust out of his 0-3 month onesie.  he's growing up too fast! 
good day!



janet g said...

Sounds like you are trying to convince me of something here:) I will have to try out this " warm cold"!!

Sue said...

cute baby :)

Anonymous said...

You could use the same lines during the 9 month journey as you could during post partum stage and people would always understand. Looks like we will always have an excuse:) Little Finley is adorable and growing so fast. Sure looks like a good little guy, from this angle anyway! LynetteG

Joni said...

'Warm cold' makes me want to move there, too! I'm not looking forward to this Finland winter - dark, and cold-cold. How's the job situation in Flagstaff? :-) Heh!

susienlarsEdwards said...

a warm cold sound good! at least in flagstaff you chould be able to get outside almost everyday.

Melanie said...

Adorable pictures of that baby!