four months.

how did my baby suddenly get to be four months old?  clearly, I must've blinked.

I had Finley in yesterday for his four month check up.  weighing in at an even 16 pounds, I'm thinking he has to be one of my biggest babies to date.  and here I thought I had turned into some sort of a wimp because I could barely heave the carseat up into the van.  well, turns out he's a big boy, so no wonder!  guess I won't need to eat my Wheaties after all!

out of curiosity, I had the nurse look up Scarlett's weight at four months old.  get this.  she was a mere 11 pounds 13 ounces.  that's roughly four pounds lighter than this tank-a-saurus.  yeah, apparently Finley inherited some BIG genes.  in fact when we stood Finley and Scarlett back to back, he's less than a head shorter than her!  yikes!  at this rate, he's gonna be taller than me in a few months!  it's reassuring to know he's healthy and growing anyway.

as far as accomplishments go, he appears to be doing all the age-appropriate things.  chewing on his hands, blowing raspberries, and winning ladies over with his handsome looks and killer grin.  just recently, he started batting at toys.  this can be quite entertaining to watch, especially when, upon hitting the toy, he startles himself.  he gets this look on his face like whoa dude, did I just do that?  reminds me of my grandma who used to startle herself awake with her own snoring.  after each loud snort (snrkx!), she'd jolt awake and then ask, "what was that noise?"

I couldn't resist doing a quick photo shoot of Finley in his adorable sweater and teddy bear hat that Grandma Kesti made.  every time he wears them, we get several compliments!  and double takes too-- people curious if perhaps I'm toting around a teddy bear instead of a baby? :-)  

we've been battling a blocked tear duct since he was one week old, hence the perma-booger in his left eye.  supposedly, it should clear up on its own.

how's that for some serious cuteness to start off your day?


PS. I'm guessing you guys are on the edge of your seats waiting for the continuation of the Hannah and Jake saga.  well, sit tight-- I'm hoping to get to it next week.  in the meantime, I'm off to Phoenix to do a little shopping and relaxing this weekend.  also, my camera has been acting up (sticky shutter button), and I thought I heard it whisper something about needing a little "spa" time.  do any of you Phoenix gals have any suggestions as to where I should bring it to get a tune-up?  thanks in advance!


Pete and Becky said...

Finley is adorable, love the pictures and his hat/sweater combo from Grandma Kesti! Have fun in Phoenix!

Selma said...

Seriously cute pictures. That plugged tear duct thing? One of my sister's kids all had that little perma-booger going on, usually with both eyes. And they did seem to grow out of it....

Anonymous said...

cute photos, especially his lips on the last one! there is a camera shop in Tempe that I went to a couple of time, i can't remeber the name though. susie edwards

pakosta said...

oh he's just the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
his gramma could sell those cute hats and sweaters!

andrea said...

you have my sympathies on lugging around the tank-a-saurus. calls for regular massages to restore the equilibrium! as for getting a tune up in phx, i have always had a preference for willow stream spa. oh, you meant for your camera? i have no idea :)

Barb Makela said...

what a peanut!

Ruth said...

Finley must be related to Molly! Plugged tear duct (left eye too). Hers is mostly gone...only shows up with nasty colds now. She was also 16 lbs at 4 months!! I have her 9mos next week and I'm so curious what she'll weigh in at as I feel like I can barely get her into the van anymore!

Anonymous said...

finley is looking as cute as ever!

p.s. i miss looking at your 365 picture updates from the project you did last year :) you'll have to do it again next year ;)