little misses.

without fail, whenever I as much as breathe the words "I need to run a few errands," immediately there's a crowd of kids swarming around me, angling to come along.  can I go with you mom?  pretty pleeeease?  I promise I won't beg for anything!  ha!  famous last words, right?  because next thing you know they've sweet-talked you into buying a pack of gum, or an icee, or some little trinket they just couldn't live without.  kids are tricky like that.

whether or not I agree to bring any kids with me strictly depends on what kind of mood I'm in.  if it's been a particularly rough day, I'm more apt to say no just so I can catch a quick break.  most of the time though, I'm like sure, whatever, pile in.  you know, that whole "the more the merrier" thing.  except when it comes to the Twin Terrors (aka, Rowan and Scarlett), then I don't hesitate to put my foot down.  are you kidding?  I'd rather scrub a million toilets than haul those two hooligans anywhere.              

anyway, back when the kids were on winter break, I decided to take advantage of the babysitters at home and do some errand running-- all by my lonesome.  I had a list of places I needed to go and wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible without having to continually prod kids along, or spend my time searching out the nearest bathroom for the kid that has to go pee every five minutes.  

as I was getting ready to head out the door, who should notice but the two little misses, Ella and Phoebe.  they were at my side in an instant petitioning to come along.  "can we come with you, pleeeease?  we NEVER get to go anywhere!" (huge emphasis on the word never.)  I was just about to tell them "not this time" when suddenly they clasped their hands together and looked up at me with the hugest, saddest puppy dog eyes you ever did see and well, how could I say no to that?

last minute, I decided to grab my camera.  good thing I did.        

we stumbled upon a quaint little bakery and what do you know?  the girls roped me into buying them a treat.  

despite my initial hesitation, it ended up being a very enjoyable afternoon.  with the distractions of the younger siblings gone, I was astounded at how grown up these two seemed.  this only served to remind me once again how fast the years are flying by.  

because before I know it they'll be the ones arguing over whose turn it is to take their battle-ax mom out in public.  dude, I took her out last week and she prit near leveled the poor employee with her cane after he suggested she go with the rose-colored top instead of the baby blue one that she had already decided on.  it's YOUR turn.    

hope your weekend finds you doing something fun!



pam said...

Oh yes! All I had to do was pick up my purse for any reason and they would think I was going somewhere they needed to accompany me to.

Keilah said...

lol! At least with ten of them, they're turns won't come up too often to tote you around! :)
Love the pics. Looks like it was a fun outing!!

Dan and Rita said...

I find it rather interesting how quickly kids pick up on things. For a while I had a tendency to get stuff done around the house and then right before I left, I would take a shower. It wasn't long before they realized the routine and I would be in the shower and they would be yelling through the door, "Where are you going?" "Can I come?" I loved and still love to answer them, "Sure, I'm going to the laundry room. All are welcome!"

Anonymous said...

same here all i do is head to the mud room door and they are all running after me too:) very cute pictures!!

pakosta said...

they are tooooo CUTE!!! they really look a LOT alike! how old are they?~
your kids are all adorable!

Anonymous said...

oh they are cute. looks like a fun day!