out with a bang.

you guys, I'm officially finished with Project 365.

can I get a resounding WOO HOO?  or how about a virtual pat on the back?  a cookie, maybe?  I feel like I deserve something, anyway.

pictured below is my 365th photo.  Gary and the kids had just returned home from their backpacking trip.  it was late (11:30ish), and except for Finley, all the littles had long since retired to bed.  actually, Finley had been sleeping but decided to wake up just in time to ring in the new year with us.  how convenient!  already at the ripe age of three months, he can't stand to miss out on the action.  I mean, look how thrilled he is:

Happy New Year! 
so.  now that I'm done with this project, I can't decide whether to jump up and down and toot my horn or bury my head in my pillow and sob uncontrollably.  how's that for mixed emotions?

while Project 365 was lot of fun, at the same time, it was kind of stressful.  especially when it felt like yet ONE MORE THING to add to my already mile-long list of daily chores.  I just finished folding my fourth load of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher for the third time, changed my fifth poop diaper of the day, ran to the grocery store, made dinner and now I'm supposed to take a picture on top of it?  I know.  you think it wouldn't be so hard to just pull out the camera and snap a picture, but it is.  believe me, there were numerous times when suddenly it was nine, ten o'clock at night, and I was scrambling for something to take a picture of.  a sink heaped with dirty dishes?  sure, why not.  *click*   

now that I'm on the other side of the fence, I'm glad I had the determination to stick with it.  it's been fun to look back at the pictures and reflect on the memories, and also marvel at how much the kids have grown in a year, especially Scarlett.  she looks like such a big girl compared to a year ago.    

so what am I going to do with all these photos, you ask?

good question.

for starters, I compiled a few select photos from the highlights throughout the year, along with some everyday ones and put together a slideshow.  obviously, it wasn't feasible to include all 365 photos because, you know, TOO LENGTHY.  as it was, I think I ended up with just over five minutes worth.

after uploading the slideshow to youtube, I sat down to watch it in its entirety.  as the photos continued to flip by, each one triggering yet another memory, I was suddenly overcome by a wave of emotions and I could feel the tears start to well up.  I guess I hadn't anticipated the pictures to evoke that kind of a response, but there it was.  another year, another chapter of our life.  gone, but never to be forgotten.       

anyway, if any of you have ever thought about taking on the photo-a-day challenge, I strongly encourage you to go for it.  it's a huge commitment, but totally worth it in the end.

for what it's worth, enjoy.  



Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Awesome slide show. Wouldn't it be awesome to have one of these for every year? Ambitious, but awesome. TFS!

Pete and Becky said...

Jessica, I LOVED the slide show. I can see why you were feeling emotional, you captured the moments with emotion! I attempted to take a photo a day last year and I failed to complete it, now I kind of regret it. I could try it again this year since this being the 3rd day of the year I have successfully taken a picture a day. :) Thanks for sharing the slide show and Happy 2012 to you and your family!

Barb Makela said...

Thanks for sharing. It's been fun to keep up with your family from such a distance. I have a huge lump in my throat with missing you. :( Love to everyone from Aunt Barb.XOXO

Anonymous said...

awesome, jessica. that is so awesome! you really did capture emotion in your photos. i love it, and am doing a photo a day this year! you should put all of your photos from Project 365 into a book!

Beth B. said...

I enjoyed your slide show and your blog through out the year! I can relate to your experiences as a busy mom!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your slide show. You picked wonderful pics to put in it. As busy as you were, I don't think you will ever have regrets about doing that project. Happy New Year. Look forward to more of your blogs. Joleen

Caroline j. said...

I started last year and lasted MAYBE 3 months. Now this year i've started again but created a calendar in PSE so I'm hoping that'll give me the incentive to fill up the entire calendar (if not all, then MOST). Your pictures are awesome!

Dave and Brianna said...

You made me emotional even, so I could see why you were! This year, I've decided to do this too! So I really hope that I can last! I will try my hardest! This is a great inspiration!

msjurmu said...

God has blessed you with a beautiful family and amazing talent! Definitely award-winning! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

you guys sure did a lot last year, looks like fun! you should make a book, susie edwards

Anonymous said...


Martha said...

It was fun looking at all of your pictures..you a are very talented photographer...you capture the emotion of the moment! What a great accomplishment! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED your slide show! I got teary eyed watching it! Looks like you had an amazing 2011! Crazy to see how much scarlett grew in one year! She looks so little in the first pictures! We miss all you Flagstaff Kestis!! ~jess

Anita said...

Awesome slide show! I was actually motivated to try the PAD for 2012. Will see how far I get with the project.

A book of the year would be really sweet. I can just see oodles of blog photos as kiddos flip through pages of memories made with family.

Amy Wittenberg said...

What an awesome accomplishment! You inspire!! Thanks for your lovely, funny and totally true blog!! This may sound tacky, but you inspire us to keep going! The many of us that can relate to your lifes business!!
I love the slideshow and you have all rights to be emotional!! :)
Take care and Happy New Year!!
Love, Amy