that's so random!

as usual, my mind is going in fifty different directions at once.  HERE'S WHAT YOU GET AS A RESULT.

1. first off, I want to thank you for all the thoughtful comments on Tuesday's post.  I love hearing from you, and your kind words have touched me in so many ways-- they have brought a smile to my lips on countless occasions, picked me up when I've been feeling down, inspired me in a variety of different ways, and most importantly, during times of frustration and difficulties, your words have been a source of encouragement.  it's comforting to know I'm not alone in my struggles.  

2. after watching the slideshow, Gary was worried it might give people the impression that we lead this sort of glamorous life or something.  oh how I laughed!  I laughed like this: ha, ha! Ha! HOOOO! heh.  he obviously doesn't read my blog.
3. somedays I feel like I am the worst parent ever, have no idea what I'm doing, and should probably pack up and find my kids an expert who can deal with them in a manner that doesn't involve a.) shouting and b.) more shouting.  it's not like the kids are doing anything that horrible per se, but rather it's the noise that gets to me.  oh, The Noise!  it pushes my buttons until they're all broken and I'm like a stuck car horn that won't turn off and is just blaring NO STOP IT I SAID STOP IT AAARGH!

perhaps the easiest solution would be to simply invest in a pair of earplugs?

and lastly,

4. at three months-old, Finley has turned into the softest, squishiest, sweetest thing ever.  kind of reminds me of a marshmallow, except for one thing-- he smiles back:

as a way to track his growth, I've been taking monthly photos of Finley on a desk calendar.
I love him to pieces.


PS. I apologize for the somewhat sporadic/spotty posting, but life has been a little er, crazy lately.  I'm hoping that in time, things will begin to iron themselves out and it'll be smooth sailing once again.  you know, like when I'm 60.


Anita said...

I think we all know the reality of living in a big family, even if some of us aren't living it at the moment and (never will be) are old enough that our memory is getting jagged around the edges. It is so much fun to share the family shenanigans. You bring seriously welcome laughs on many days. Not all at your expense!

Ruth said...

Finley is SO cute! Wish I could squeeze your marshmellow.

I feel like the more kids I have, the less I know about parenting!

I agree, the noise is overwhelming at times but that's when you need to tune it out and give your marshmellow some hugs...very therapeutic!

Our family has been missing you guys...!

Selma said...

Jessica: I just took time to look at your slideshow. Love it. You are a very talented photographer; you have a treasure in that slideshow and in all the pictures you take. I'm not a mom so I cannot relate to what a mom of a large family experiences. But here's what I see when I look at your pictures: a really happy family. A family that likes to have fun. Siblings that like each other (even though I'm sure they fight like normal kids). And from your blog postings, I hear your struggles...but right after you express frustration, etc, you mention just how much you love your baby or just how much fun you have. I hope you keep posting and sharing bits and pieces of your life. I feel like I know you even though I've never met you. I might have seen you as a kid (I lived in MN a looooong time ago.)

Anonymous said...

There's lots of us out here who have so much admiration for you and your beautiful family! You are an incredible Mom!! The most important thing is the all love that shines through so obviously. You are doing great, so don't beat yourself up if you get a bit crabby sometimes...

Anonymous said...

One thing I love about your blog is that I realize I'm not alone in mothering a tribe. So many of the struggles are the same. Your slide show of 2010 was so fun to see. Although a big household is not always one big happy, you sure did a good job of captureing alot of fun memories from the past year. And also thankgoodnes for that marshmellow...they will put a smile on the face of the entire family! Lynette G.

Anonymous said...

Thats the nice thing about taking photos, you can remeber that you do fun things! My camera quit working so I did not take photos last year at all. Now I wish I had taken photos, to remeber that we do have many, many happy times when all I feel like I do is stay home and clean and clean! susie edwards

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! Many good laughs! I admire your energy. Your love for each other and your children shines brightly even thru those frustrating every day moments. Just keep at it. Days may be long but the years are very short. That 60 will be here much sooner than you can ever imagine right now!! :) - Sinikka

pakosta said...

he's sooooooooo adorable!!!
I don't know HOW you do it, truly, I admire you big time!
you have the most adorable kiddos!

I loved your slideshow! you live a beautiful but LOUD life and it's awesome~
here's a tip, when I wear a winter hat in the house that covers my ears, I can't hear my kids as well, try that! ha and look stylish as well!

Briita said...

loud and lively...that's how I describe our household. If there are other big families who know how to keep tops on things, I don't know how they do it. The saying at our place is: at least we like to have fun:) It all sounds familiar!