every little girl needs a big sister to do her hair.

*images shot with my 24-70mm lens @ ISO800, f/2.8, 1/25.  in retrospect, I probably should've bumped up the ISO to 1600 given the room's poor lighting.  oh well, live and learn I guess.

afterwards, Phoebe comes skipping up to me, her curls flouncing up and down with every little skip.  "mom," she says, grinning from ear to ear.  "I am sooo lucky to have a big sister like Hannah, aren't I?"

yes, Phoebe.  you sure are.

*insert little tug at heartstrings*



Barb Makela said...

awww... such beautiful girls you have!

Lynette said...

A common scene at our house with 7 girls. The little ones LOVE having their hair done. I never thought of catching those memories on camera. I will have to do that!

able mabel said...

So sweet. Love the butterflies on the wall!

pakosta said...

MELT my heart!
how SWEET!~~

Dave and Brianna said...

Oh how cute! What a little honey!