embrace the crazy.

some weeks are just plain crazier than others and this week was one of them... those?  (see, even my english is failing me.)  so today, I'm banking on the fact that everyone likes to look at pictures because that's what you're going to get.  take that as your warning.  

a few highlights from the week include:

1. Sunday morning breakfast at The Place.
2. a couple storms blow through town leaving behind a few inches of "white stuff."
3. sugar highs. (from all that v-day candy)
4. v-day date at Bun Huggers with the hubby. (it's a hamburger joint people, get your mind out of the gutter)
5. Chloe paints a cartoon-like picture of Rowan which, oddly enough, bears a striking resemblance to him.
6. after 2+ years of being called "tinsel teeth," Hannah gets her braces off.  so, what's the first thing she says?  "my teeth feel so... SLIMY!"
7. a family adventure to the dentist turns up zero cavities.
8. Finley rolls over.
9. this isn't pictured, but the house that we put an offer on (which the bank accepted!), passes inspection. (more on that later) 
10. in about a month, we will be welcoming another family of 8 to our small (but growing!) congregation here in Flagstaff.  sweet!    

and in between it all, there was lots of snuggling, nap times, messes, crying, laughing, loving, snacks, tantrums, homework, errands, chores and late evening chats.

it's a crazy busy life, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  

enjoy your weekend!


PS. all photos taken with the iPhone 4S and edited in instagram. 


alicat23 said...

Jessica, whats your instagram user name so we can follow!

jessica said...

it's @jessicakesti. yeah, I'm pretty much an instagram addict ;-)

pakosta said...

how did you do the collage!?
can you email me about what you did so I can try it! LOVE IT!


I know you are busy with 10 kids, but you know, if you ever get a chance!THANKS!