five months.

just a few pictures of baby loves today.  not much has changed since a month ago, except he's now rolling over and inhaling solid foods.  or at least I'm trying to get him to inhale solid foods, shoving the same spoonful of rice cereal in his mouth a dozen times over.  just when I think I might've finally succeeded in getting some down his hatch, he grins and the stuff comes oozing right back out again, the little stinker.  oh, and he keeps getting cuter by the day.

also, I'm pretty sure every little guy should own a pair of green jeans.  right, Finley?  he says yes.  I think.

happy five months!
in other news, we're busy packing and making a few final preparations (ie; tidying up the house-- does anyone else feel the need to clean before leaving on vacay, or am I the only crazy one?) before heading down to Phoenix this weekend for our church's annual Winter Services.  the excitement is high around here, as these services are something we look forward to each year with great anticipation; the adults for the fellowship and strengthening of our faith; the kids for the candy-- well, I'm not sure, just taking a stab in the dark at the candy thing.  plus, rumor has it the weather is going to be superb, like highs close to 80!

rather than taking over someone's house with our large group, we decided it would be easier to just bunk at a hotel for the weekend, and the kids are excited about that as well (read: swimming.)  so, let's pray the hotel concierge has a stockpile of earplugs available for the other guests because once we arrive, things might get a little uh, noisy, to say the least.  those poor people aren't going to know what hit 'em!  hehe.    

happy weekend, ya'll!



Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast that baby is growing! Have fun in Phoenix! Carly is down there and is excited to see Hannah! Joleen

able mabel said...

can't wait to hear how the hotel stay went...