aside from contending with a few sugared-up hooligans all weekend, including one who kept peeing in his underwear, one who stayed up until three in the morning, and one who kept negotiating over whether or not he could just "skip the rest of the sermons if he listened to at least two," we had a great time at Winter Services!

at dinner last night, I asked each of the kids to share one or two highlights from their weekend, and this is what they had to say:

Hannah:  visiting with friends.
Jake: friends and playing hacky-sack.
Chloe: ev-er-y-thing.
Myra: listening to God's word.  she did, too, bless her heart.
Sawyer: candy.  but then he quickly changed his mind to playing on the playground instead.  priorities, you know.
Ella: candy and playing with friends, in that order.
Phoebe: swimming at the hotel, or home-tel, as she called it.
Rowan: setting off the fire alarm during the Saturday evening communion service, and scaring himself silly (and probably a few others) as a result.  awesome.  well, not really.  gulp.  I do, however, apologize for any interruption and/or inconvenience this may have caused, and now I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to take over parenting this child?  because obviously I'm failing.  miserably.   
Scarlett: partying until three o'clock in the morning like it was her business.
Finley: getting pushed around in the stroller by his older siblings because he loved being outside in the fresh air.

so, there you have it.  straight from the mouths of babes.

here is a glimpse of our weekend, courtesy of my handy-dandy phone.  


PS. I was half-way wondering if perhaps Rowan's shenanigans and this blog are, in some way, connected?  and that maybe if I quit blogging, perhaps he will quit acting up?  just a thought.  one that I might have to take into consideration in order to save myself any further embarrassment.


able mabel said...

Oh Rowan. What would your Mom do without you?!?

Keilah said...

love the pics!!
I'd say you're doing a great job parenting Rowan - I haven't seen him tied up yet! :)

Briita said...

so that's who set off the fire alarm!!

pakosta said...

ha, I think Rowan is "just Rowan" LOL! you poor momma, he's going to do something GREAT someday!