weekend fun.

last night, as I went to shut off the kitchen light before heading upstairs to bed, I happened to glance into the laundry room.  hooo-boy, was that ever a huge mistake.  as my eyes scanned the massive amounts of dirty clothes spilling over both clothes hampers onto the floor, my shoulders slumped a little.  it appeared as though my task for the next day was already cut out for me, whether I wanted it to be or not.  I flicked off the light and trudged up the stairs, more annoyed than ever at this seemingly unending chore.  "that's it!" I declared.  we're selling our belongings and moving the family to a nudist colony, I don't even care."

(well maybe I do because that means I'd have to start ironing.  because you know, those darn wrinkles.)

so you can imagine my surprise when I peered into the laundry room this morning only to find a whole SIX articles of clothing clinging together in the bottom of one of the hampers, lonesomely pining for more dirty stuff to join them.

my eyeballs just about popped out of their sockets.  WHAT IN THE HUH?

I immediately called up Gary at work.

yeah, did you like hire a nighttime maid or something?  because unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, I could've sworn there was a record amount of dirty clothes in the hamper when I went to bed last night.  I mean, the pile practically reached the moon.

oh yeah, sorry.  that was me.  I woke up around two a.m. and couldn't fall back asleep so I came downstairs to read a book and figured I might as well do laundry at the same time.  you know, that whole "kill two birds with one stone" thing.  I hope you don't mind.

those eyeballs that had first threatened to leap out of their sockets were now rolling around on the floor.  my tongue too, because I was speechless.

ex-ex-excuse me?  d-d-do I mind?!  why, not at all!  in fact, whenever you feel the urge to wash clothes, go right ahead!  I promise I won't stop you.  not even at two o'clock in the morning!       

you don't have to tell me how lucky, blessed and spoiled I am because I already know.  grin.  in fact, every day I thank God for granting me such a kind, willing husband.  I'd be seriously lost without him.

anyway, here are a few pictures from my trip down south.  I had initially planned to go for the day on Thursday, but we were having so much fun that I ended up staying until Saturday.  I hate when that happens! ;-)

basically, we shopped, ate, laughed, visited, relaxed, enjoyed the beautiful weather, slept, ate, laughed and shopped.  just what the doctor ordered!  I feel fortunate to have such great friends.


PS. giggle is the cutest (most dangerous) baby store ever!  moms, beware!


Lynette said...

Looks like you had a ball! BTW- had your latest chicken salad at a party over the weekend and what a hit. Can't wait to have it again. Always fun to have a new recipe to go too!

Kara said...

I had a good chuckle regarding ironing out wrinkles!!
Definitely a great valentines day gift from your husband!
And looks like a blissful weekend with friends!

able mabel said...

Oh what a fun weekend!!

I'd skip trying to iron out the wrinkles...Youch!