we spent the entire morning at the dentist yesterday.

swish.  guuurgle.  rinse.  repeat.

I swear, every time the receptionist calls to remind me of our dentist appointment I'm like, huh?  has it already been six months?  you're kidding me.  nope, she'll say.  it says right here I have ten of you scheduled tomorrow from 8-noon: THE KESTI KLAN.  probably pencilled beneath that is a note reminding her to keep an eye on the three year-old while mom is getting her teeth cleaned so he doesn't throw Lego's in the fish tank like he did the last time.

I would dare say Visiting the Dentist is one of those necessary but evil things I dread the most, right up there with Chipping Dried Up Toothpaste Off the Sink and Plunging Clogged Toilets.  to quote Ella, age 7: "the only fun thing about going to the dentist is picking out a prize from the treasure box."  girl, I whole-heartedly agree with you.  in fact, I still occasionally pull out that sticky hand I scored last time.  I just lick off the lint, and yeah.  good as new.  hehehe.

also, it never fails.  the second the hygienist shoves a piece of equipment in your mouth, it's like their cue to suddenly fire up a conversation.

hygienist: so, what have you guys been up to lately? 

me: Qrfggrsadglg... Balssasiiag... a... nhanachatera... bluabt heanne... jqdqweiqjqdfoog!

hygienest: that sounds like fun!

me: hurgggh?

the good news: no cavities, so PHEW.

the bad news: only six more months until our next appointment.


in other exciting stuffs, I recently had the opportunity to take pictures for Red Wagon Kids.  Marcy has quite an eye for design, and I love the fact that you can mix and match a lot of her styles, as well.  and the quality?  absolutely superb!  trust me, you won't be disappointed!            

love the fun play of patterns.
sweet as pie!  the ruffled knickers are the absolute kicker!
simply adorable!  the perfect dress for your little sweets.  cute with a cardigan for those chillier days, too! 
oh, and one last thing before I sign off.  Marcy would love to do a giveaway once she reaches 750 "likes" on Facebook, which I might add, I will be hosting!  so, if you could be so kind, head on over there and like her page!

THANKS A BUNCH!  (yes, I kinda just yelled that.)


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Aunty Dee said...

the outfits are cute--love the bright colors and patterns, but the girls are even cuter!! So fun to see Scarlett modeling now. You take great pictures Jess.