blog hiatus.

I know, I know.  that's probably not exactly what you wanted to hear today, but I kind of don't have a choice.  remember that house I told you about a while back? yeah?  well, in less than two weeks, Gary and I will be calling it our own-- pending all goes well with the closing, although I don't foresee any problems with that.  I mean, unless we're hoping to get a loan based off my income, then yeah.  that could be an issue.  

and while we're excited at the prospect of being homeowners once again, at the same time, things are going to get just a wee bit crazy around here.  why?  well folks, we're looking at TEN straight weeks of remodeling to get this house up to snuff so we can actually um, live in it.  read: FORECLOSURE.  essentially, this means that while Gary spends his evenings and weekends working on the house, I'll be manning the fort SOLO! over here, and helping out on the house when I can.  consequently, that won't leave me a whole lot of time for any extracurricular activities, you know, like blogging.  in fact, about the only thing I'll be focusing on is trying to keep my head-- scratch that, my lips above water.  glub, glub.  I hate to break this to you, but I'm no supermom.  coulda fooled you, huh?       

I will, however, continue to post my ten on ten project, as well as any other important events/updates/trips that may happen to come up in the meantime.  also, due to the fact that there will be some major renovations taking place with the remodel (tearing down walls, gutting kitchen and bathroom, painting, etc, etc), my plan is to share a few before and after pictures along the way so you can track the progress.  so, hopefully this is something that interests you?  yes?  no?  maybe so?  right, it's like pulling teeth to get an answer out of you guys.

for now, to curb your curiosity, I thought I'd at least share a few pics of the outside.  admittedly, I was somewhat embarrassed to even post these pictures because really, the house is nothing special.  it's your typical Flagstaff house, kind of rustic looking, and um, very brown.  in fact when Gary and I first drove up, we both looked at each other and simultaneously exclaimed, "BARN!"  but then I was like, "well, we are raising a bunch of animals, so perfect."

right now, about the only thing this place has going for it is the location.  that, and there are wood floors (basically) throughout, although they're in desperate need of refinishing.  with a little elbow grease, I'm positive we can get it looking good as new, if not better.  

this is the front of the house.  I know, she's a beauty, huh?  our plan is to paint the exterior and invest in some decent garage doors, hopefully before the snow flies.  but look! wouldn't that huge branch on the ponderosa pine be an awesome spot for a tire swing?  I mean who cares what the house looks like.  at least we have a swing!  wheeeee!

another view of the front.  not sure if that square cut-out (bottom right-hand corner of left garage door) was a doggy door at one time, or what?  might have to close that off to prevent Rowan from escaping.

the front entry.  not very attractive, is it.  to enhance the curb appeal, we're thinking it would look primo with a big covered porch along that entire front section.  

the back of the house.  ooooh, those white doors are an eye sore against that brown exterior.  ouch.

the above pictures are the views from the deck.  the top is Mt. Elden.  the bottom left is overlooking the golf course.  come spring, it'll be all lush and green.  can't wait to entertain on this ginormous deck!  I think I'll be enjoying my morning cup of coffee out here, too!  Gary said he's looking forward to sneaking in a few holes of golf after hours. Rowan said he's going to nab all the ProV balls that come by and sell them on ebay.  probably.

you guys, I almost forgot, there is another feature!  a greenhouse!  can't wait to plant a few veggies, yum!  I've been known to be a serial plant killer though, so don't pester me for cucumbers quite yet.  perhaps I'll have to get the kids involved with this project.

and look!  the house is located at the end of a cul-de-sac.  and as far as I'm concerned, when you have a pile of kids that's the next best thing to acreage.   

so, there you have it.  as mentioned earlier, I promise I'll post pictures of the inside as the rooms get completed.  I'm really looking forward to giving my interior design skills a challenge-- if I have any, that is.  but most importantly, I'm looking forward to calling this place "our own."  

well, I'm off to buckle up my seatbelt in hopes I can survive this upcoming wild ride!  and if you're still here when I return to regular posting in a few months, awesome!  if not, I totally get it.  


PS.  for now, if you wish, you can keep in touch with us on my snapshots blog: because the years are short, where I post photos from my iphone on a regular basis.     


able mabel said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the whole project. We'll come down at some point and supervise for a weekend, if you let us. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see how things turn out! Yvonne

Tristam said...

The house looks like it has tons of potential. A good lot too. Hopefully everything turn out great with the remodel.

Anita K said...

yes, of course, blog your little heart away!!

Anita said...

Oooh. La. La. Now I am the envious one over here. Envious over the homeowner part of it. Projects that go way over budgets of time and money and finally reach a goal. Will be waiting for pictures along the way.

** That was the easiest trip I've ever made for a tooth pulling. :)

Anonymous said...

How Fun! I can't wait to see how the progress goes and see how you put your talents to work. Good Luck:)

Becca said...

Congrats on purchasing a home. I know you'll have it decorated so cute. Can't wait to see it.

Meghan said...

A GREEN HOUSE??? CUL DE SAC?? Once this is all homey and lovely.. I may just have to come babysit. and garden.. :)

Anonymous said...

oooh awesome! can't wait to see it once you have put your magic touches to it!

Sherry said...

Good luck...what an AWESOME view from the back deck!!

Anonymous said...

it will be fun to see what you do withn it! susie e

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the projects! The location looks awesome and I can't wait to see after pictures! -Barb K

Ramona Johnson said...

Totally awesome! You can manage the 10 weeks so that you can move into there. I know you can do it. We are going to have to come and visit so we can visit on that back deck and enjoy the view!