happy birthday, Jake!

my oldest son is fourteen years-old today.

he makes me proud.

and he's also making sure I have gray hair by the time I'm 40.  YIKES!

back when Jake was just a wee tot, he used to drink milk by the gallons.  believe me, I tried offering him other liquids (water, juice, etc), but he always refused, hurling the cup across the room.  or at least I took that as a no anyway.  "MILK!" he would scream over and over, until eventually I would crack and give in, convincing myself that at least he'd end up with some strong, healthy bones.  or become lactose intolerant.
and so, one fine summer day (years ago, back when we lived in Monticello, MN), my sister-in-law and I were outside keeping an eye on our kids as they splashed around in the kiddy pool when the neighbor lady wanders over, waving a box of popsicles in her hand.  "who wants one?" she asks.  excited at the prospect of a cool treat on a hot day, the kids eagerly raise their hands and shout, "me, ME!  I do!  I do!"  except Jake, who, upon being offered a popsicle, promptly asks if he could have a glass of milk instead.  GOT MILK?

happy birthday, Jake!  I love you!


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