it feels like I'm living in a snow globe.

a wicked spring snowstorm recently doused us with a good two feet of snow.  it's kinda hard to be crabby about it though, especially when the trees all look so breathtakingly beautiful, frosted in huge dollops of white powdery fluff.

(alright, alright.  so who am I trying to kid.  I'm ready for warmer weather already.) 

yes, that would be me standing in snow up to my knees.  and yes, I'm only a little crazy.  so?
a bunch of us, aka the entire population of Arizona, are going skiing at Snowbowl today.  rumor has it the powder ranges from knee to waist deep up on the mountain.

so, if I go tumbling head over teakettles, skis and poles flying in all different directions, aka YARD SALE! at least it will be a soft landing.


PS. after one minor setback, we finally closed on our house yesterday.  let the remodeling begin!  wheeeee!

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