"boy, you sure have your hands full."
rather than let this internet website blog thing sit idle for a few months while we remodel our house, I was kinda halfway wondering if I should, at the very least, continue to post pictures?  perhaps pictures with funny subtitles?  or what?  I dunno, this was just another one of my hair-brained ideas.  and as you all know, I have a lot of them.

anyway, I pushed aside my fear and anxiety and ventured into the grocery store with a gaggle of kids today, a rare occasion indeed.  was I feeling okay?  probably not.  but my babysitters were gone (spring break this week) and I had promised these hooligans ice cream after the park.  so, rather than buying them all individual cones from the McDonald's drive thru, I figured I'd get more bang for my buck if I purchased a gallon of ice cream and a package of cones from the grocery store instead.  plus I wouldn't have to deal with sticky fingers all over my van then.

while I was in the checkout lane, simultaneously trying to keep the baby from squirming out of my arms, wrestle with the toddlers, shush the candy and gum beggars, and pay for my things, the cashier (a middle-aged woman) asked if I would like any assistance with getting my groceries out to my vehicle.  I said no thank you, but could she assist me with my kids instead?  hahaha.

judging by the look she gave me from above the rim of her glasses, it was obvious she didn't appreciate my sense of humor.


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able mabel said...

Yes, please keep posting pictures.

I'm sure we all have many stories about comments we get when we go out in public. :)

Yesterday I had 5 kids with me when I went to the DMV to transfer a title. The little old lady that helped me was making such a big deal out of the number 5, I didn't dare risk giving her a heart attack by telling her how many I had at school.