in the face of so many choices and having to, you know, actually make a decision about something, overwhelmed is sort of how I'm feeling at the moment.  

for example:

-what countertops do I go with? (speaking of countertops, do you know what's lurking in yours?)
-how about appliances?
-don't forget the paint!  oh, THE PAINT.
-do I go with a laminate flooring upstairs?  or vinyl, perhaps?
-should I do contrasting cabinets? (ie; a mixture of painted and stained)  or do I keep it all uniform?
-backsplash.  yay or nay?
-open shelving in the kitchen?  if yes, do I go with floating shelves?  or?  do I go with bracketed ones?
-what about lighting?
-kitchen sink?
-faucets?  hundreds to choose from.
-Quilted Northern or Target brand?
-doors?  what?  there's more than just one standard design?  you're kidding me.
-you mean I have to decide what color light switch cover I want?!

...and the list goes on.  and on and on.  and. on.


please, somebody.  wake me up when it's time to move in.



Chet and Laura said...

We're remodeling the upstairs and I'm to the point where I don't care anymore. Whatever Chet suggests, I say great.

Annika said...

Laminate flooring is LOUD, it echoes... but you can always do thick fuzzy rugs to cover it a little. Still WAY louder than wood. Whatever you end up doing, I KNOW it's going to be beautiful!!! Ikea has awesome solutions for something a little different from traditional style. We made a kitchen from them in Finland, and I like it. Liked the price too (under 2000 without applicances) Good luck!!!

Keilah said...

You have a fun, but daunting task ahead of you! Good luck!

Catherine said...

I hear ya. I'm having trouble deciding on a paint color for the guest room/my craft storage area.
But, I can without a doubt help you on one of these. Backsplash? YES! Always. HTH!

Pete and Becky said...

Sounds fun! I think you need your SIL Kim to come up there to help you out. It's always nice to have someone to bounce ideas off (usually not the husband) and then in between you can run out for a cup of coffee! Good luck, I know for a fact then when all is said and done it will be beautiful! I hope that you are taking before and after pictures to share with your faithful "blogging" friends! ;-)

able mabel said...

I don't have time to give you tons of advice, but I do know this...
We had laminate in our bedrooms in Zimmerman. I would do it again in a heartbeat! No questions! I loved it!

In this house we put laminate from Costco in the basement. I've been impressed with how well it's held up to all the hockey playing. In the boys' room it's not very loud because the beds take up so much of the room.

Anita said...

Good luck! Learn it all, so that when I buy a new house, I can consult you!! ;)

Anonymous said...

let's see some before photos! what ever you pick out will probably be great! susie edwards

Anonymous said...

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