six months.

look, I can sit up now! (picture taken at Fin's six month check up. this was before the shots.)

PS. last night, as Gary and I were visiting in the kitchen (or trying to visit I should say, as the decibals were hovering just below the level that shatters glass), Sawyer comes bounding in, a quizzical look on his face.  "mom..." he begins, and then the rest of his sentence was lost in the din of the noise, and all I could see were his lips moving up and down.

"what was that?" I ask, cupping a hand to my ear.  raising his voice to near yelling, he repeats what he had just tried to say.  "MOM, WHAT IS DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY?"

Gary and I look at each other and burst out laughing.  "uh son," I reply.  "that would be the exact opposite of what's going on in our house at this very moment."

and hey!  speaking of domestic tranquility, today is our 16th wedding anniversary!  I just now remembered.


Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! "Domestic tranquility", how does such a little squirt know about that? :)

pakosta said...

what a CUTE picture of the baby!
Happy Anniversary!
and how cute of a story!
I love your BIG family!
I still want a post or sidebar of each of your kids, telling what each one is like etc. a little bio' of them! I already know all about Rowan LOL!

Selma said...

I wanna know, what was your answer to Sawyer's question?

able mabel said...

to add onto Selma's question...
and why did he want to know?

jessica said...

Selma and Leann- I figured out later that he was reading Hannah's AP government homework-- more specifically, the Constitution and the part where it states, "...in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY..."

Anonymous said...

domestic tranquility doesn't have to mean quiet...afterall, how tranquil would an always quiet life be?! happy anniversary! Briita