spring break staycation.

I just lived through possibly one of the craziest spring breaks ever.  but here's the kicker: we didn't even go anywhere.    

yeah.  we just found stuff to do in our own backyard.  well, figuratively speaking.  everything from hanging out at the park to hiking in Sedona; from skiing at Snowbowl to swimming in Prescott to sledding in the neighborhood, just to name a few.

and here's where it gets crazy, because in between all that:

a.) every man, woman and child in this house got the stomach flu.  well, except Rowan, go figure, the kid who causes the most grief in every way imaginable decided to have mercy on us for once in his life.

b.) our dryer broke down.  which initially wasn't a huge deal, because it was nice outside and we were able to string makeshift clotheslines from the trees in our backyard to hang all the clothes on.  but then the snow came along and threw a wrench into things.  and so we were forced to drape wet clothes over every available square inch in this house.  socks, underwear, jeans, shirts, pajamas, and towels littered the place.  not to mention bed sheets and blankets as well, because you know, THE FLU.  (in fact, Gary and I were just at the laundromat last night because our dryer is still broken (ordered wrong part) and I'm tired of crunchy towels.)    

c.) we closed on our house on Monday, even though I was still recovering from the flu, and Gary had woken up that morning with a horrendous stomachache.  as we both sat there, eyes glazed over with sickness, feebly scrawling out a signature here and there, I'm sure the title agent was scratching her head going wow, these people are about to become homeowners yet they appear as if they're about to pass on.  talk about signing your life away.  literally.  heh.

anyway, below is basically what our spring break staycation looked like.  it might take you a few days to get through all the pictures, just sayin'.  (btw, these were all taken on my iphone.)  oh and yeah, the skiing was absolutely phenomenal; the weather, superb.  Gary and I brought Hannah and Jake along, but we barely saw them as they spent the day skiing and snowboarding with friends.  good times!

man vs. nature.
Sawyer continually defies gravity.
greetings from (almost) the top of Arizona!
whew, I'm exhausted.  

next year, remind me to actually go on vacation.  it'd probably be more relaxing.

on the bright side, my dad is coming down (for as long as we need) to help us work on the house, bless his heart.  I have to admit, we were a little stressed over how we were going to get everything done on time, but now with the extra help from my dad, we shouldn't have a problem.  he can work during the days while Gary's at work.  and then he can help me with the kids in the evenings while Gary's working at the house.  hehe.  so, phew.  that's a tremendous weight lifted off our shoulders.  thanks, dad!

also, my sister-in-law Kim has been busy designing/decorating my house for me on pinterest-- pinning countertops, wall paint, new furniture (gulp), color combinations, elaborate greenhouses, etc, etc.  she has come up with some great ideas so far.  girlfriend's got an eye for style, that's for sure!  thanks, Kim!          



Anonymous said...

Looks fun! All sorts of different weather and activities! While scrolling thru your pix, Chase was excited to see the skiing pix, exclaiming over them. Then we got to the bottom and the last pix of Gary, and he says "uuhh, he biffed!"

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kim could come do my house. Just have to come up with some $ first:) Briita

Anita said...

Wow! What a fabulous staycation! From one extreme to the other.
Where are the outdoor pics taken with the water and rock walls? That spot seems to be calling my name.

pakosta said...

ugh the FLU for all of you EXCEPT Rowan, well that could be disastrous because if he was feeling well and had full reign of the house, he could destroy it while you are all throwing up! LOL! but obviously he didn't, so that was good! HA HA!


Anonymous said...

The skiing looks AWESOME! You are so lucky you have so many vacations at your stacation. We are gonna have to come there some day to do it all in one. LynetteG

Becca said...

Love the picture of Finley - what a funny expression ! Wow - didn't know your dad is coming - when exactly? Glad to hear it !