counting my blessings, today and always.

picture taken on Mother's Day 2012.  judging by the look on the three littles' faces, it's obvious they've never been involved in the making of a human pyramid before.
although a year has passed since Hannah's accident, the events of that fateful day still occasionally play out in my mind causing that feeling of anxiety to churn in the pit of my stomach as I think about all the things that could've happened-- the what ifs.  thankfully, Hannah recovered fully, with no residual side effects, so why I still rehash her fall over and over again, I'm not sure.  I suppose it was just so traumatic, and as with any event of that nature, we tend not to forget it.  it's like that image/event is forever seared in our memories, left for us to drudge up at will, unfortunately. 

it has, however, reminded me (time and time again) to be grateful for all that I have today.  because you just never know what tomorrow might bring.   


in other news: with less than two weeks left until Moving Day, it's getting to be crunch time around here.  we've completely switched gears, going from trying to get everything down to the last nitty gritty detail finished to focusing only on the the critical things that need to be done in order to move in.

a few things on this "critical path" list include:

-finishing the railing in the hallway so no one goes tumbling head over teakettles over the edge.  that's pretty critical, I'd say. 
-installing the rest of the flooring upstairs because once we put the furniture in the bedrooms it's not coming back out again.  or at least that's what Gary tells me. 
-hooking up the appliances and plumbing to the kitchen sink because, well, it's kinda hard to live without a refrigerator, stove and running water.  unless you plan to eat out every meal, that is. 
-we need at least one functioning bathroom because it's no secret, everybody poops.
-not to mention we still need to pack.
-and clean the house we're in now.
-and clean the new house, although I'll probably be mopping up sheet rock dust for the next fifteen years so maybe it doesn't pay?
-oh and I almost forgot.  we're also responsible for the well-being of ten children (and their accompanying needs) somewhere in the middle of all this.

I guess that's more than a few things.  

so anyway, it looks like we have a couple of crazy weeks ahead of us.  if I'm not here, you'll know where to find me.  room #213 in the Loony Bin.     


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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Love the look on rowan's face!! I think he called me yesterday off of your phone! I couldn't really understand what he was saying tho! Jess