10 on 10: the July edition.

yes, I realize I missed the 10 on 10 June edition, shame on me.  actually, my original plan was to use the pictures that I posted yesterday (the moving day ones) for June's 10 on 10, but since we had no internet connection at the time, alas, it wasn't meant to be.  so, let's just pretend that yesterday's post was the June edition, a month late.  if that makes sense.

so, our initial plan was to go camping in Colorado over the Fourth of July (to the same place we went last year), but after Gary and I sat down and assessed the situation, we decided that  a.) camping with a crawling, crabby baby who wakes up in the middle of the night screaming at the top of his lungs didn't sound too appealing, not to mention disruptive to our fellow campers  b.) trying to cram tents, coolers, clothes, and basically everything but the kitchen sink into our 12-passenger van when it's already at max capacity with just the passengers alone, sounded like a daunting task.  we briefly considered renting a U-Haul trailer, but then we would've needed to get a hitch put on the van, which equaled more money out the door, so we quickly nixed that idea  c.) the mere thought of going through all the work of camping shortly after going through all the work of moving made us both twitch  d.) truth is, our life is just plain too chaotic at this stage of the game.  I mean, we can barely make it across town without threatening to leave a kid on the side of the road, let alone across the state.

and so, we cancelled our reservations and invited some friends over for a BBQ instead.  and as an added bonus, we got to enjoy Flagstaff's amazing fireworks display right from the comfort of our own backyard.  can't beat that!

caution: baby zone.
the body artist strikes again.
three cheers for the red, white and blue.
great-grandpa Kesti's 48-star flag makes an appearance.
party decor.
look who just woke up.
feeding time.
after dinner fun and games.
a full hammock.
Happy Birthday, America!



able mabel said...

Fun! Feel free to pretend every day is 10 on 10. :)

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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