one step forward, five steps back.

this seems to be the going trend around here, as evidenced by my (once again) torn apart kitchen.

as you stare at this mess in wide-eyed horror (trust me, I can hardly bear to look at it myself), allow me to back up a little and give you the complete, unabridged story as to why my kitchen looks like someone took a sledgehammer to it.  which they did.

one fine Sunday morning, oh about a month after we moved in, Gary was in the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast dishes when all of the sudden he heard this extremely loud CRRR-ACK!  slightly alarmed, and wondering if perhaps we were under siege by a foursome of terrible golfers (think wicked slice), or worse, maybe Rowan had stolen a golf ball off the fairway during a previous game and now this person was trying to get back at us, he quickly ducked behind the counter to take cover.  on his way down, he noticed a hairline crack (roughly six inches long) stemming from where the seam connecting two sections of countertop jutted off at a 45 degree angle.  putting two and two together, he determined that the loud popping noise had most likely been the sound of the countertop cracking, not a golf ball slamming into the side of the house like he had initially thought.

I'm not going to go into the exact details of what took place after Gary informed me that "our brand new countertop just cracked!" (I was upstairs blow-drying my hair when it happened), but only that the steam coming out of my ears could've powered a thousand steam engines.  yes, to say I was livid would be an understatement.

long story short, after getting in touch with the guy at Home Depot that deals with these kind of things and emailing a picture of the crack to him (sounds like I'm a drug dealer but trust me, I'm not), it was determined that yes, this was indeed something that was covered under warranty (the crack most likely occurred due to faulty installation.)  and yes, the entire section of countertop would be replaced, free of charge.

*insert huge sigh of relief*

fast forward six weeks to today, because that's how long it took for the material to come in, and I was looking forward to having a crack-free countertop once again.  unfortunately, Gary had already tiled the backsplash before the crack occurred.  of course, right?  and so in order for the guys to remove the countertop, they had to first chip off a row of tile, pretty much tearing the wall apart in the process, as you can see in the above pictures.  and I quote, "that is NOT covered under the warranty."  grrr.  and then.  THEN.  as they were busting apart the counter, they accidentally chipped the other section of counter-- the one with the sink in it-- and so now that entire piece of counter has to be replaced as well.  oh isn't that just wonderful!  except now I have to wait for that countertop to come in before they can replace the other section of counter, which probably won't be until early next week.  and I quote, "we'll give it some priority."  uh huh, sure.  sure you won't.  which means I get to function without a counter for what?  six weeks possibly?  double grrr.                                    

so, guess it's back to square one around here.

and now I'm about to crack! 


PS. sorry for pouring this on you, but I needed to vent.  thanks for listening.   


Carol said...

I'm speechless with horror. And I think I'm going to have nightmares. Is my kitchen next?
You poor poor thing.

Martha said...

Major bummer! I would hide those "lighters" in that drawer of yours before Rowan spies them...that could lead to some more "sparks"! Lol! Your kitchen still looks cute even though it's torn apart!!~Martha

Selma said...

Wow. I think I'd rather be fighting my fleas than to have a torn apart kitchen. I could be mistaken but with a large family you kind of need all the counter space possible. Will Home Cheapo throw in a couple pieces of plywood so you have some kind of flat surface? Geez.

ablemabel said...

How maddening! (love Finley digging in the cupboard)