over the weekend.

THIS happened:

it took Gary all of two days to paint the entire exterior.  TWO.  like, what?  it takes me two days to-- scratch that, I can't accomplish anything in two days.  well, at least not anything I'd like to, or you know, would want to accomplish, such as decorating, organizing, etc.  nope, there are just way too many interruptions throughout the day to contend with for that to happen.

what this basically means is that my days are (for the most part) spent spinning in circles as I bounce from mess to mess, scrubbing Crisco off the kitchen floor (gee thanks, Finley!) sopping up water and soggy toilet paper in the bathroom, and vacuuming crushed up Cheerios off the rug because Rowan and Scarlett decided to compete in a Cheerio Off, a new Olympic sport that involves tossing handfuls of Cheerios on the floor and seeing who can crush them the fastest by stomping on them, to name a few.  by then, hopefully I've cleared the breakfast dishes, and if I'm lucky, tossed in a load of laundry or two.  before I know it, it's lunch time.  add in some sort of appointment, or a trip to the grocery store or Target and BAM!  it's time to start fixing dinner.  after that it's homework, followed by baths, snack (heavens, can't forget that!) and shoot.  now I'm supposed to blog?  ha, forget it.  I'd rather hit the sheets. 

and so, what?  aside from the day to day tasks, what did I accomplish?  oh, you know.  basically, zip.  most likely, nada.  and for sure, nothing.  which is why my closet was recently declared a national disaster.  I can't ever get to it.  and this is how it goes, day after day, week after week, month after month, well you get the idea.   

sometimes, instead of me going away for the weekend to get a break from this madhouse, I think it'd be nice if everyone else would go away, thus leaving me the entire house to myself.  that way, maybe I could start tackling, perhaps even completing, a few of my own projects without being interrupted every other second.  although chances are, I'd probably collapse in an exhausted heap on the floor and sleep the entire time, so yeah.  maybe that isn't such a hot idea after all.

well, anyway.  I'm thankful that at least one of us is getting stuff done around here!  and furthermore, our house no longer looks like a barn is what I was trying to say before I got sidetracked.

is it Friday yet?



Kara said...

I know the feeling! I always marvel at how my husband can get projects done so quickly; but they don't stop for all the poop diapers, whining, laundry, meal time prep, dishes, etc.
Hope to see you at Mother's camp in a few days!! We are off this afternoon to Phoenix for some shopping and relaxing by the pool side, wanna join us?!

Anonymous said...

I always dream too about just relaxing at home myself or with hubby... I would clean everything first and then... maybe be too tired to do anything else lol :) It´d just be nice to see own house clean and steady for a while. Well maybe when we are old....( then it is different story with crandchilds I guess) Ansku

Amy Wittenberg said...

Sounds all too familiar!! My kids look at me like I've lost my mind when I tell them Dad needs to take them on a long wknd away so I can stay home and clean!

Kelly said...

I agree, Jessica! Sadly, it'd almost be a dream vacation if everyone was gone for a weekend and I could organize, finish unpacking EVERYTHING, clean and enjoy the clean for a little while! Sounds like I'm not alone in this thought. :)

able mabel said...

A week at home by myself does sound blissful! Although I'd probably rather head outside and hike or bike rather than stay home and clean. I guess if I stayed home, I'd get lots of sewing done! :)

Aunt Barb said...

Send some of your kids my way for a LONG LONG time because I have WAY TOO much time on my hands and NOTHING to do! Really, being childless can sometimes be boring. (I'm not really whining, though it sounds like it!!) :)