she keeps life interesting.

so my plan was to have Scarlett throw a handful of leaves up in the air on the count of three while Hannah snapped the picture.  sounds pretty straightforward, right?  well, apparently Scarlett missed the memo (or maybe this was on her agenda all along, who knows?) and instead, she tossed the leaves right in my face, the lil stinker!  hahahaaa, joke's on you, mom!

yeah, so anyway.  this only served to seal the deal.  that she is indeed her father's daughter, forevermore pulling off some sort of prank. (I mean, not that I ever doubted it. but, you know, heh.)

I love her to pieces.



Kate said...

These are still my all time favorite pictures!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! Oh scarlett!! That is way too funny! ~Jess

able mabel said...

and hannah was smart enough to click away with the camera! Love these!

Selma said...

Soooo incredibly cute! And Ms. Scarlett looks so pleased with her accomplishment. Gotta love a kid who thinks on her feet!

Marie said...

Aaawww such a funny and cute moment ♥

Katherine said...

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