photographer for hire.

perhaps you're still hemming and hawing over whether or not to send out Christmas cards this year, am I right?  although at the same time you're probably thinking, hmmm, I don't know.  we haven't even taken a family picture yet, so maybe it's too late in the game to send cards out anyway.

well, all you procrastinators, have no fear!  the tutu-wearing photographer and her poodle-toting assistant are here!

the little wooden camera from Twig Creative was gifted to us by Kate at Diapers and Skinny Jeans.
these two will make your holiday photos sparkle and shine like no other!

satisfaction guaranteed, or you can send them back!


PS. Scarlett received the stuffed poodle (pictured in all its blurry goodness above) in the mail the other day from her Godparents, Loren and Jess.  as she tore away the tissue paper and pulled it out of the box, I was like, "awe, a little poodle!  isn't it so cute?"

she nodded in full agreement, giddy with excitement over her new toy pet.  "yep, he's so cute, mommy!"  obviously she wasn't concerned about referring to the poodle as a "he" even though it came in an unmistakeably bright pink purse dotted with tiny hearts.  minor details, right?  I then asked her what she was going to name, uh, him.  after thinking about it for a few moments, she blurts out, "Odor!"  "Odor?" I questioned.  "uh, do you mean, Ogre?"  not that she knows what an ogre is, but at least it sounded more like a dog's name than, um, Odor.

"no," she said adamantly.  "it's Odor!"

alright-y then.  Odor it is.

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Betty said...

What a gem of a blog! I so look forward to the day when I have bedrooms full of kids. Right now it's just a bedroom with a kid, and your blog makes me excited to multiply the joy!