2012 in photos.

I realize that most people already posted their 2012 year in review photos back in the beginning of the month.  I mean, that's when it makes the most sense to share them, right?  when all the memories from the previous year are still somewhat fresh in your mind and easy to recall. 

well, guess what.  I'm not most people.

so, that's why I'm here today, on this second to the last day of the month, to finally post a slideshow showcasing a few (okay, more than a few) of my favorite Instagram pictures from the past year.  all courtesy of my handy dandy iPhone, of course.

oh, and speaking of Instagram, I recently received an unexpected, but pleasant, email from them.  this is what they had to say:

Congratulations! You are currently featured on Instagram's list of Suggested Users.

Our Suggested Users List is a dynamic list that highlights some of the top photographers on Instagram. An account is usually featured for a couple weeks before it is cycled out to give others the opportunity to be featured.

Being on the Suggested Users List means that we love your account and see you as a model Instagrammer. We're hoping during your time as a Suggested User you'll be able to show other users, new and old, not only your beautiful photographs but also how to be an awesome community member. Please keep that in mind over the course of your feature as you gain thousands of new followers.
Finally, please keep in mind that we are always cycling users in and out of the Suggested Users List; when your feature ends, we will remove your account
The Instagram Team
needless to say, upon hearing this news I was literally left speechless!  to think that I, a stay at home mom of ten kids, was being featured among some of the most talented photographers in IG land was downright shocking!  to say I was flattered would be an understatement!  honored doesn't even quite cut it.  even though a week has past since I received this email, it still has yet to completely sink in.  crazy, I tell ya.

you know though, the more I think about it, the more I've begun to realize that Instagram is more than just a place to share photos.  it's a community.  one where people in all walks of life, and from all over the world, join together to support, encourage and inspire one other in this passion we share.  since I first joined Instagram a little over a year ago, I've received countless sincere, genuine comments regarding our large family, some which have actually caused me to view my life in a more positive way.  one comment I hear over and over again is how much life and personality my pictures convey.  to me, that means the world!  in my books, to be able to capture a picture that breathes and speaks "life" is worth far more than strictly capturing that "picture perfect" photo.  some have even told me that my pictures make them want to have a big family of their own some day!  I just tell them to come stay with me for a few days, they might reconsider.  ha!  no, really though, it's definitely been refreshing to hear such thoughtful, encouraging and supportive words.  there's no way I could even begin to thank everyone enough for their kindness and generosity.

with that said, I leave you with our year in photos.  for what it's worth, enjoy.  (side note: you might want to switch the quality setting to HD-- scroll your mouse over the video and it should pop up along the bottom edge-- otherwise it might be kind of blurry.) 



Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congratulations! Briita

Anonymous said...

aaawww... way cute! I felt a little lump in my throat and was blinking back tears. I wish I could spend more time with you and your kids. I love that there were some pics of your dad in there! Love you all. Aunt Barb

srawnak said...

J! your video brought me to tears of joy. what a blessing your family is, truly =)
- k

Kara said...

You are amazing at catching the beautiful moments of your family! It makes it all worth it when you look at these, doesn't it?!:)

Anonymous said...

amazing. what a beautiful family.

ednaK said...

Jessica: this was great! We have some of the cutest, most precious grandkids in the whole world!

Marie said...

Your family is truly beautiful. Hope 2013 will bring even more joy, love and happiness to all of you. ♥♥