project 52 week 4 | self portrait.

hey there, everybody, guess what?

today is Friday which means it's time for yet another installment of project 52!

whoa, whoa, calm down.  calm. down.  I realize you're beyond excited, in fact, I'm guessing most of you wait with bated breath every week for this day, am I right?  I mean, it's not like you have anything else going on in your lives.  heh.  but, well, it's early in the morning and I'd hate for you to use up all your energy in one sitting, you know, just in case you have plans this weekend.  no one likes to hang around a dead beat.

or so I've heard.

no, really.  I'm more or less just trying to blubber (babble? blab?) my way through this week's theme, which is (gulp) self-portrait, because nothing makes me break out in a cold sweat, or giggle with nervous laughter more than those two words.  BEHIND the camera is where I feel most at ease, thank you very much.

of course, being the procrastinator that I am, it wasn't until late afternoon yesterday that I finally decided I better get on with this misery before the daylight completely vanished and I was left to take a picture under awful incandescent lighting.  can you say, EWW?  for sure you would've heaved up the contents of your breakfast.


so anyway, I got my chair all situated by the window, placed my camera on the counter, dialed in the proper settings, set the self-timer, and just as I was getting my most terrifying terrific pose on, who should walk in the door but the hubs. 

"oh, hey, I see you're staring out the window again!  lemme guess, another bad day?"


chalk up another award-winning awkward self-portrait captured.

from now on, I'm leaving the front side of the camera to the experts, like Anita.  rumor has it, she's a natural :)  but don't take my word for it-- go see for yourself!

have a great weekend!  



Anita said...

Sort of "Busted!" moment? Makes you feel like a teen for a moment in time, hey?

jessica said...

Haha! Yeah, busted making a fool out of myself! :) that's always worth a laugh!

Kendra Jean Photography said...

Thats great!

Marie said...

Hahaha must have been a funny but slightly embarrassing moment for u. Nonetheless the photo is actually nice! :D