project 52 week 2 | up close.

okay, so the green smoothie trick failed to motivate me to blog more.  shucks, because I thought that was supposedly the cure all for anything that ails you, but apparently I've been fooled.  so what do I try next?  perhaps a nice kale salad sprinkled with chia seeds and a heaping bowl of quinoa on the side?  whatever that means.  I'll let you know next week if it worked or not.
I was initially going to post a picture of Gary and I snuggling on the couch to go along with this week's theme "getting really close."  but to save us all from any sort of embarrassment, I opted to post a close up of Finley sound asleep instead.

best call ever, dontcha think?  I mean, seriously.  who can resist that tiny button nose, those rosy cheeks, the chubby wee hand, those perfect sweet lips, and that baby soft skin?  really, that's a whole lot more than Gary and I have to offer!  gulp.  just sayin'.
mm-mmm.  downright edible, I say.

"the only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child." -Joe Houldsworth

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pakosta said...

he's the SWEETEST!
but I wouldn't mind seeing you and the HUBS either! LOL!
you are the funniest girl ever!

Kendra said...

Love sleeping babies!!

able mabel said...

Love him! So sweet!

Keilah said...

Aww, what a sweet photo! Lovely close-up.

Marcy Keranen said...

All snuggled in! Love it!

Marie said...

So adorable. Peaceful sleeping baby ♥

Anita said...

What a love!