project 52 week 1 | winter.

in an effort to resurrect this blog from the (nearly) dead, I fed it a green smoothie and what do you know, things are starting to look up!  like, whoa!  this is my second post this week, can you believe it?  no?  well, then you better go eat a few kale chips and wash it all down with some beet juice!  and remember, no farting!

four days into January and already I've lost my mind.  this is not a good start to the year, you guys. 

ahem.  as I was saying, in an effort to keep my camera from sitting on the shelf collecting dust, and to perhaps motivate me to blog more, I, along with a few fellow bloggers, am teaming up to take on yet another photography challenge for 2013. 


pardon me, I got a little carried away there.  so, what exactly is this photography challenge, you ask?

it's called project 52.     

perhaps some of you have heard of this project before, or perhaps some of you have even participated in something similar.  if so, congratulations!  but, if you're scratching your head wondering what in the wide world I'm rambling on about, then please, let me explain.

basically, the goal is to take a photo every week for an entire year.  last I checked, that equals 52 photos in 52 weeks, hence the name project 52.  each week we will choose a different theme to use as a prompt, the first week's theme being "winter."  yeah, you don't have to tell us how creative we are.  we already know.  *puffs out chest*  as of now, the plan is to post our pictures each Friday.

I'm hoping this will be enough to get the creative juices flowing again.  also, by participating in this project along with a group of talented individuals, I'm hoping we'll inspire each other as we go.  perhaps it'll give us that extra push we need to think outside of the box for some fresh ideas.  I'm excited to see what the other gals come up with!  also, if anyone else would like to join in, feel free!  just let me know and we can definitely add you to the group!

so, without further adieu, here's my take on "winter." 

to me, nothing screams winter like a fresh blanket of new snow and rosy cheeks!  wheee!

to continue the circle, head on over to Keilah's blog, Little Bits of This, to see what she has up her sleeve.

have a great weekend!



Kate said...

Ooh yay! I'm doing a project 52, too... going to be so fun sharing the journey with you through the year. :) xo

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a fun idea. Loved looking at all the pictures. If I knew how to blog I'd be tempted to join. Donna

Esther Castaneda said...

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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stasha said...

Sounds doable ;) great one! Here is to 51 more.

Anonymous said...

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