caution: training in progress.

so, while most people are busy vacationing to tropical locations this time of year, spending their days soaking up the sun and sipping iced tea while they relax on their lounge chairs by the beach or poolside, we will be hiking the Grand Canyon.

yes, you heard me right.  come the first weekend of April, Gary and I, along with some friends of ours, will be exerting ourselves to the point of near exhaustion, dining on gourmet meals such as dehydrated teriyaki chicken with rice and sipping fruity drinks like Powerade to keep us fueled and on our toes.  

yeah, I know what you're thinking.  something about toes, and digging them further into that glorious warm, white sand, am I right?  forget about wrapping them in moleskin and stuffing them into hiking boots!  are you kidding?  that sounds worse than birthing ten kids!   

actually, no.  I can assure you, it's not.  maybe ONE kid, but not TEN.  okay, I'm kidding.

yes, while I agree that hiking the Grand Canyon definitely does not fall under the category of 'relaxing vacations,' there is, however, something about it that keeps drawing me back.  (obviously.  otherwise I wouldn't be hiking it for the fourth time.)  perhaps it's the adrenaline coursing through my veins as I push myself to the limit, or the vast reaches of the canyon walls towering high above me as I toss and turn lay on my half-inch thick sleeping pad beneath a night sky gleaming with a bazillion stars, feeling tiny in comparison.  heck, maybe it's just that extreme sense of accomplishment and exhilaration I feel as I finally claw my way out of the canyon, my muscles screaming at me to "never do that to us again, you idiot!"  whatever it is, it's definitely unlike anything I have ever experience in my life.  of course, with that exception to childbirth.

why do I get this feeling you're not convinced?  our friends obviously are.  I mean, you guys are still coming, right?

anyway, in order to get what little muscle I have left into some sort of shape, tone, condition, all of the above, I've been trying to hike at least four times a week.  you know, like in all that spare time I have in between running to appointments and whatnot.  miraculously, this past Sunday Gary and I were able to fit a climb to the top of Mt. Elden into our schedule.  I'm not sure who was wheezing and gasping more, me or him.  which pretty much made it official that WE ARE NO LONGER SPRING CHICKENS.  ALL CAPS.  this got me thinking that perhaps if I were to actually stay in shape instead of letting myself get all rumply-dumply-roly-poly, it wouldn't be nearly as exhausting.  I'll be sure to keep that in mind for next time.   

good thing the lack of oxygen didn't completely fuzz my vision to take in these sweet views, though.

in order to show how windy it was at the summit, Gary instructed me to take a video of him as he desperately clung to a guide (guy?) wire to keep from getting blown off the top.  really, he was only acting this out and was nowhere near the edge of the cliff, even though it may appear as if he is.  at one point, though, his face took on such a look of panic, that, for a split second, I seriously thought something had gone wrong-- like he was being electrocuted?  that's when you'll hear me (literally) scream, "what are you doing?"  yikes!  apparently, he's a good actor!  also, pay no attention to my hysterical laughter, either!  ugh.

and so, the countdown is on.  wish us luck!



Anonymous said...

Fun!!! We were totally wanting to go on this trip but loren couldnt get work off.. we were bummed! It was so fun the last time we'd love to see more of the canyon someday!!

Jeneric said...

Thanks, I was totally getting ready to talk hubby into going but now I think I'll go shopping instead.

Jeneric said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes it was wonderful sinking my toes into the warm soft sand and eating hawaiian shaved ice but i know the feeling of a canyon hike and it sounds wonderful! Have fun! Briita