project 52 week 9 | in your closet.

I had to think outside the box for this week's theme, "in your closet," because honestly, I'd rather die before I shared a photo of the inside of my closet!  are you kidding?!  I haven't touched it since we moved in, except to rifle through my ultra drab wardrobe.  how is it that I've been shopping for twenty plus years, but still have nothing to wear?  waaaaaaah!     

yeah, so anyway.  I'm thinking I'll save the picture of the inside of my closet for a rainy day.  however, keep in mind that I do live in Arizona.  so that rainy day might be a while.  ha, tricked you!

instead, I took a picture of something that is stored in my closet, like these four pairs of shoes.  I mean, that counts, right?  of course, it does.  I'm free to make up the rules as I go.

phew!  once again, I'm saved by my creative thinking!  or a strong desire not to show off my closet, is what I meant to say.  heh.    

oh, and Scarlett's pretty cute, too.  although I'm not sure where she gets her keen sense of style from.  anyone care to guess? ;)

perhaps Amber was brave enough to give you a peek inside her closet???  rumor has it they have nothing better to do during those long, dark Alaskan winters than organize and color coordinate the clothes in their closets!  hee hee. 

have a great weekend!


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