project 52 week 13 | things that grow.

somehow the girls' stuffed animal collection keeps growing at an alarming rate, yet, oddly enough, I don't recall buying any of them.  actually, I know for a fact I didn't buy any of them because stuffed animals kinda gross me out.  TRUTH!  yeah, they just seem-- what's the word I'm looking for-- unsanitary, maybe?  like, who knows what's lurking in all that fur!

so then, where are they all coming from?

good question!  chalk it up to another one of life's great mysteries, I guess. 

"mommy, I gots a lotta fwends!  take a pitcher, k?"

um, okay!

to see Amber's take on "things that grow," go HERE!

have a great weekend!


PS. t minus 1 week until The Great Hike!  I think I can, I think I can...

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Anita said...

I probably shouldn't admit that I have a front coat closet that is stuffed with critters that my girls couldn't part with. Each one has a story behind it that they will never forget. Good thing for them that I'm a bit sentimental!