project 52 week 11 | morning light.

perhaps the thing I love the most about our (relatively new) house is the abundance of light that streams in through the kitchen and dining room windows every morning.  to me, there's nothing like walking into a bright, cheery kitchen to get your day started off on the right note!  hi-oh cheerio!

until I notice the epic breakfast and lunch-making mess left behind by the school kids.  then that "oh what a beautiful day!" mentality goes sailing right down the drain.  seriously.  if someone were to ask me, " so, what have you accomplished in the past 15 years?"  I'd say, "basically I've cleaned up messes I didn't make."  mom life is so glamorous, isn't it?  I can fix dinner, wipe snot noses, sign half a dozen school papers, break up fights, kiss owies, and bounce a crying baby on my hip all at the same time.  I feel so accomplished!

Finley is currently taking breakfast orders.  any requests?  rumor has it he makes a mean bowl of oatmeal.  especially tasty with a side of drool, or so I've heard.

to see Amber's take on morning light, go HERE!

well, the kiddos have spring break next week!  wish me luck!


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megnstarr said...


I have just now finished reading every post you have written on this bog. I went back to the beginning, years ago, when Rowan was the baby, and Scarlett wasn't born yet, and I went with you on the journey until today. I neglected days of work to do it, but I am so glad to have been able to get to know you and your family! One of my most favorite things, half way through, was being able to name each of the kids in the group photos, I loved getting to know them all. When I started following you on IG, it was impossible to imagine your life, and now I see, it's not that different than mine or any other mom! You have lots of kids, and you juggle that and everything else, and you are just a normal, loving, funny person. I apologize for lurking, blog reading is so different from Instagram where it would be unacceptable to look and not at least like or comment! But I just wanted to let you know I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up.


Also, wow spam!! <------
I didn't know you could get tackled on a blog like you can get tackled on IG!

You are awesome. thanks for sharing.