stalking elk.

I know, I know.  you guys are really going to think I've lost my marbles posting pictures of elk, but seriously!  for the last month, nearly every morning a herd of anywhere from ten to fifty of these bulls, cows and calves walk down the sledding hill and then past our house before continuing on their merry way to who knows where.  the elk convention?  where they learn new techniques on how to avoid becoming someone's dinner, maybe?

this past Sunday, though, the elk must've lost their marbles too, because they hung out in the field near our house for the better part of the day, minding their own business yet keeping a close eye on peeps like me who kept trying to creep up on them to take their picture.  no lie, at one point, there must've been 20 vehicles pulled over on the side of the road all trying to get a good look at what appeared to be a confused herd.  or maybe it was just us humans who were confused, I have no idea. 

however, I did learn that I pretty much stink at putting the creep on them.  as hard as I tried, I couldn't get close to those things for nothing!  at the slightest movement, they'd all stop and stare at me and then slowly start drifting away.  I suppose it didn't help that I was in a black jacket in the middle of a snowy, white field, clomping around in heavy winter boots.  they were probably like, dude, who is this clown, anyway?  if anything, it gives me a new found appreciation for the hunters out there.  hoo boy, you guys have some wicked patience to sit there and stalk these things for days on end!  no thanks!

see the tan house with the white trim on the left?  yep, that would be our place.
the leader informing his minions to "keep calm and carry on while those dumb humans gawk at us."
butts up?  okay, I get it.  you don't want me to take your picture.
well, there you have it!  the exciting news from the big town of Flagstaff, where the men are proud, the women wear Teva sandals with their fancy skirts, and the children are forced into hiking with their parents.


PS. all that snow on the ground?  it's looong gone!  we've been enjoying temps in the mid 60's this week, can't beat it!  I hope spring is here to stay, because if it snows again I'm seriously going to weep. 


Keilah said...

I wanna see your teva's!! :D

Stasha said...

Love it!! Tevas for the win ;)

Lindsy said...

I love Flagstaff! Moose in your yard!? How exciting!