project 52 week 15 | reflection.

well, guys.  I apologize.  I didn't have a chance to take a picture this week, so I'm posting an oldie.

an oldie but goodie.  and perhaps one of my favorite photos of all time.

why?  well, because it's just plain classic-- kids doing what they do best.

if I hold a shell to my ear, I can still faintly hear them arguing.

gimme that!
no!  I had it first!
but I called it!
well, I'm older than you!
so?  you're a wimp!  hey, what are those strings hanging from your shirt?  oh, wait.  they're your arms!
oh yeah?  you know what I like about your face?  me neither.
why don't you do something different with your hair?  like, wash it.
your IQ is so low, you have to dig for it!
you're like school in the summertime!  no class.
I think you stepped on something smelly.  like, your feet!
I've seen a nose like yours before, but it looked better on the baboon.
just gimme the stinkin' boogieboard already! 

huh?  what?  oh, sorry.  I kinda got lost in my own thoughts for a moment-- you know, reflecting.  here, lemme put that shell back on the shelf.  


whew!  much better.

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