project 52 week 16 | drink up.

for this week's theme, drink up, I had visions of dolling up Ella and Phoebe and taking them to an old-fashioned soda fountain type place where they could be "the prettiest girls I ever saw drinking soda through a straw."  but alas, I was unable to fit it into my schedule (no surprise there.)  instead, I was trucking kids to the doctor for strep throat and pink eye and making sure there was dinner on the table before I headed off to work and well, if you're a busy mom like me, you pretty much know the drill-- you must first tend to everyone else's needs before your own.  no exceptions, period.  well, unless if you're on your deathbed, then you might be excused.

but this guy.  seriously.  THIS.GUY.  this week he learned that if you twist the handle of the spigot in the greenhouse, water magically pours out.   

and, as evidenced by his drenched shirt, he's been hanging out there ever since.

oh but it's not all bad.  I figure one, he stays hydrated (which is especially important in arid Arizona!) and two, I always know where to find him.

sounds like a win-win situation to me!

to see what Maaret's been drinking, go HERE!  most likely something energy-inducing.  seriously, that girl never seems to slow down!  oh yeah, that's right.  she's still young and single.

have a grand weekend!  oh, and speaking of "grand," I still need to sort through my pictures from our Grand Canyon trek so I can share them with you guys!  I'll see if I can fit it into my agenda next week.  do me a favor, though?  don't hold your breath.  I don't need anyone passing out on me because chances are, I'll be too busy to save you.  



Keilah said...

Love it! I almost didn't recognize Finley and his sweet little curls. Guess it's time I show up to Bible Class or something. Oh wait, you'll be administering eye drops. Sigh. Too bad I missed ladies night out last week.

Keilah said...
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